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To me, Alberti looks like he is 6'1", maybe 6'2"


He has a very slim build. I think he wears his clothes well and always dresses and is groomed like a young and trendy professional host.

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When wearing Q's Men's items, he's also mentioned his weight.


I might be wrong, I think he maybe said nearer to 200 lbs.?  Or 190 lbs. ?  Which, at the time, surprised me.


I do believe he has strong, dense muscles, which could be heavier than he looks.  


Regardless, Alberti is 'a tall drink of water'. 


I love his personality and excellent host abilities. 

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@Enufstuff wrote:




Smiley LOL


Made me do the math!  You just trying to keep us mentally alert............Heart

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Too bad they don't have him sell one of those height charts for the wall. Then we'd know. My uneducated guess is 6 feet, 185 pounds.

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6'2". He's said so a few times. Love Alberti...favorite host.