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Every time I click nothing happens.

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Thank you!!!

I was reading a post the other day and it had two different lines that said "Spoiler"

with an arrow like symbol at the end of the line.

When I clicked on the arrows they would go from facing to the right to facing down.

That's it.

I never did find out what the spoilers were!

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Example:  When talking about tv or movie shows and you do not want to "spoil" it for those who have not seen it yet......


Highlight the section you want to hide......

Click on the spoiler sign---->  spoiler.png

Click on Post


When someone clicks on the Spoiler in your post, they will see your hidden fonts..........


like this! Smiley Happy

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@Mz iMac Thanks for posting these directions. 

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Sometimes a Poster might click on it accidentally so of course spoiler shows nothing.
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I've only hit "spoiler" a few times. It never tells me anything.

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You will see it a lot on my posts when I use this **"#& Amazon Fire Tablet.  I accidentally touch it when I enlarge the font, then can't find a way to remove it.  On my other tabs, I just use the delete key.  Won't work here so please ignore.

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@Mz iMac @Hi. This has happened to me without me highlighting anything. I ever did figure out how. 

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Re: How does "spoiler" work

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@Mindy D  Then something else is going on then if your fonts are showing up inside a spoiler w/o you highlighting.  That could only happen if your highlighter is the same background color as the reply window.  In this case your highlighter would have to be white.


"Never argue with a fool. Onlookers may not be able to tell the difference."