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Re: Hosts ...what I don't get

@Kachina624 wrote:

@annabellethecat.  We'll have to agree to disagree.  From Wikipedia:


Petite vs. ShortPetite jeans are made proportionately not just to be shorter in length, but to have a shorter rise and inseam. ... Petite jeans may come in sizes 0 to 16. Short sizes, on the other hand, have the same proportions as regular pants, but feature an abbreviated leg length.


I cannot wear most Quacker pants because I am a petite in sizing and the waistband comes up to my bra band...probably further.  I have one old pair that must have been a mistake which fit okay.  I've tried dozens.

@Kachina624  Totally agree ! I need true petite I am 5'2" short wasted and if I buy quacker which are short in pant length only ,  they go up to my bra !   A true petite will be all over including the rise not just the length.   Btw pet peeve is that some lines on QVC are not true petite in length ,  28 or 29" inseam is way too long at least for me.   I need 26" or even a 27" if I wear heels.  


I still feel it's kind of crazy for hosts to change into every piece of clothing they are selling .  It's what they have models for.   I believe except for Caroline it's to get camera time .  That's my opinion and his I feel.

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Re: Hosts ...what I don't get

@MandyG06 wrote:

I love it when Amy Stran models each of the pieces because I can see what she mixes the clothes with. I'm petite like her, so I'm watching for the sleeve length, and how the garmet fits. Not all of the time do they have petite models on set

@MandyG06  I'm built like Amy as well but her arms must be longer cause if I do buy something g she is selling and wearing the arm length is too long.  Unless it is a true petite which most of there blouses or sweaters are not offered in petite.  Another pet peeve of mine.

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Re: Hosts ...what I don't get

@ILTH wrote:

I'm petite. I'm an average person. When I think petite, I think proportionately smaller -- rise and length.  When I think short, I think shorter hem (inseam) only.  Macy's has a line of jeans that has both "petite" and "short" as options (in addition to "regular" and "tall"). They know that these are not synonymous. This line had had these options for decades. It's not a new concept. 

Short does not work on most petites. It's not true that most petites have shorter legs only and are not well-proportioned.  Most of us aren't built like orangutans. Some lines use the word "short" when their clothes, actually, are petite and have a shorter rise. 

I don't buy QVC clothes, so I wouldn't know about their sizing. 

I believe that only 'Quaker Factory'makes 'short' NOT petite clothing line for current QVC.

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Re: Hosts ...what I don't get

As a petite woman wearing a size small and being a proportioned petite, just a shorter inseam will not work for me. I need a shorter rise or the pants fit 2 inches or more above my naval.I do not care to be adjusting my pants or rolling the waist band throughout the day. If the shirts and tops are not cut for a true petite figure, the bust darts will be way below the breasts, shoulder will be droopy and sleeves and length is too long. I agree you can't please everyone, but if you are buying petite and really are a petite figure the clothes will fit you. If JB jeans fit you in short, great.

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Re: Hosts ...what I don't get


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Re: Hosts ...what I don't get

@Daysdee I agree with  you - 29 inches is not petite! For me the whole point is being able to buy pants that I don't have to hem! I am not going to wear 3 inch heels either.

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Re: Hosts ...what I don't get

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@annabellethecat wrote:

That doesn't bother me.  What does bother me is that they show what size the model is wearing and their height but not their weight.


What good does that do anyone?  The only thing I look at is how long the sleeve looks on the model.  Those models have longer arms than most people, I believe because if it fits slightly above the wrist I know it works for me.  Ugh! 


Between the overly long arms and the fact that QVC thinks petite means a shorter RISE drives me crazy.


The only group/person who realized that petite in most people's opinion means SHORTER is Jeanne Bice/Cracker Factory.  Her pants really are petite and shorter.


I'm so tired of buying petite and having them sit below my belly button and falling down.


If I don't buy petite I can fold them up to my knee almost.  I get tired of heming pants.


Oh!  I almost forgot, I'm 5'4" tall and a chub.

Petite clothing is supposed to be shorter in the rise.  There is no way a true petite person could wear a regular sized garment that is cut shorter in the length.


i am a petite and if I don't buy a pant that is shorter in the rise, I can pull the pants up to just under my bra and the crotch is at my knees.  And I must have a petite size coat or dress, no choice.  Otherwise, the waist level of the garment is at my hips.


I am 5'1".  Petite women are under 5'3"and have a shorter rise.  It sounds like you are short, but not a true petite.  Quacker Factory items are short, not petite.  Jeanne always used to stress that fact.


My daughter is 4'11"and she cannot wear petite pants. Sometimes she buys talls because she needs a longer rise, but she can wear regular misses sizes as well,  most of the time.


We are all built differently.