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Re: Hosts ...what I don't get

@annabellethecat.  We'll have to agree to disagree.  From Wikipedia:


Petite vs. ShortPetite jeans are made proportionately not just to be shorter in length, but to have a shorter rise and inseam. ... Petite jeans may come in sizes 0 to 16. Short sizes, on the other hand, have the same proportions as regular pants, but feature an abbreviated leg length.


I cannot wear most Quacker pants because I am a petite in sizing and the waistband comes up to my bra band...probably further.  I have one old pair that must have been a mistake which fit okay.  I've tried dozens.

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Re: Hosts ...what I don't get

@fthunt wrote:

From my limited observation those you reference seem to be the younger more sassy host who appear to want to play to the camera - - and NEED center stage.  Never seen Carolyn - Mary Beth nor Leah whipping clothes off & on during a presentation  Ego thing I think.

@fthunt .... I’ve seen them all do it except for the men host 🙃

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Re: Hosts ...what I don't get

I don't object to the hosts trying clothing on.  Would like to see them wear more QVC clothing when they are hosting.  (That seldom happens.)     Re: petites--to me 29" inseam is not petite.  I still have to take the item to a seamstress to cut and hem.  Therefore, I no longer order since I don't want to bother with that and/or have the extra expense.  I shop online at a department store that offers a lot of petite pants with 27" inseam which works out great for me.

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Re: Hosts ...what I don't get

@Daysdee Yes!  See you are actually agreeing with me.  @Kachina624 is right...technically...but to the average person when THEY think petite they are thinking short.


Every piece of clothing I own comes from QVC.  I don't order anywhere else because I can't walk in stores and any other sizing throws me off.


I have bought QVC petite for a long time.  When I go back in my closet and look at the smaller sizes I don't remember heming them.  


Now it is true they are sometimes a few inches longer (not all designers are same length).


QVC just doesn't get how difficult it is to order from the TV.  If they did they would ALWAYS (yes, I'm shouting) the size chart up on the TV.  It's so frustrating.  I DVR'd Louis' show and watched it the next day.  I think maybe (but maybe not even 1 time did they post the inches of the garments). 


I honestly believe more people would buy if they posted the garment measurements every single time (but they don't).  


Joan Rivers' clothes run a little larger than most QVC clothes.  I can wear an XL in her button up shirts and a few other things.


Some designers go crazy with the long sleeves I've noticed.


Ever wonder why there is no the labels.  They all come from different countries.  A person can learn a lot just by reading the labels.


I'm STILL trying to figure out how to not have my jeans bleed all over my beige leather car seats.  I've washed them in white vinegar and searched for something that will set the dye and still most of the designers use dye that bleeds.


I wonder do jeans in other stores have jeans that bleed?  It's been so long since I've shopped anywhere else.


I'm curious.  For those who shop other places what's the answer, thanks ahead of time.  

I'm going to bed so if  you answer please put up @annabellethecat so I'll see the answer.  Heart

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Re: Hosts ...what I don't get

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I'm petite. I'm an average person. When I think petite, I think proportionately smaller -- rise and length.  When I think short, I think shorter hem (inseam) only.  Macy's has a line of jeans that has both "petite" and "short" as options (in addition to "regular" and "tall"). They know that these are not synonymous. This line had had these options for decades. It's not a new concept. 

Short does not work on most petites. It's not true that most petites have shorter legs only and are not well-proportioned.  Most of us aren't built like orangutans. Some lines use the word "short" when their clothes, actually, are petite and have a shorter rise. 

I don't buy QVC clothes, so I wouldn't know about their sizing. 

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Re: Hosts ...what I don't get

@Kitty Galore wrote:

why some hosts  feel they have to try on every piece of clothing offered?  I mean isn't that the models job?  I dont get it,  seems silly and no real reason to do so.

That's funny.....because I remember when people complained about Lisa R not wearing certain brands....guess you can't please everyone.

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Re: Hosts ...what I don't get

It started with Lisa Robertson on  P.M. Style. Then everyone started doing it. If the host looks good in the clothing then it sells faster. Haven't you noticed that the color the host is wearing always sells out first?Smiley Happy

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Re: Hosts ...what I don't get

I have seen them do that many times.. since 20 years ago when I started watching.. It isnt new... I think since most of the time they may not have a plus sized model on at the time if the host normally wears plus size or maybe the models that are on are all of the taller side then if the host say is under 5 ft 8 and more on the petite (shorter) side than of  course they will model the clothing so we can tell how the fit will be ..especially on the pants.. 

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Re: Hosts ...what I don't get

sharon did say that she wanted to be with family more. .and maybe in time she will be working with Lori.. who knows.. only Sharon.. I keep up with her on Facebook.. 

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Re: Hosts ...what I don't get

I love it when Amy Stran models each of the pieces because I can see what she mixes the clothes with. I'm petite like her, so I'm watching for the sleeve length, and how the garmet fits. Not all of the time do they have petite models on set