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Hosts ordering products while on air

In the past few days, I've heard both Sharon & Sandra casually slip into the presentations, 'we are not allowed to order things before the viewers or while on the air'. In fact, Sharon said it several times during a 3 hour shift. I took these comments as odd to say aloud & took it as a negataive comment directed toward Lisa R who is always saying she is ordering this 'n that or asking someone within earshot to order her something & I've seen Jacque whip out her iPhone & order while presenting. Frankly, it came across as sour grapes as I'm sure some of the female hosts are jealous of all the attention that Lisa gets & this was opportunity to interject something negative pointed at her. I happen to like Lisa & see her as a great salesperson & she has put in her time over the years. I know it is not everyone's opinion, but to each his own. If it is truly 'not allowed', then the PTB are the ones to take action.