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After I read that some hosts had been 'let go', I went to the hosts page, and was surprised to see so many faces that I had never seen. I suppose some were on late night, or on QVC2- but I truly had no clue as who they were. Why these newer ones were kept, and older ones were fired may have been based on salary.

  I truly have no idea as to how QVC rates performance. I am not inclined to rush to my computer when there is a show on that I watch, and I rarely watch anyway. I normally check my computer for what has been presented and look at the LTS for things on sale. Do they think that a host telling us that when an item is gone, it's gone, or last order of the season ,and happy dances make us buy? For some, I guess it does. I want to look at reviews and compare prices from other sites. So how do they know if Gabrielle or Antonella or the others were good hosts? I never was given any survey to complete! Did they do peer reviews? How did they make that assessment if not on sales during their programs?

  I think most of us have hosts we prefer to watch or listen to over others. There are some, who shall remain nameless, that I do not enjoy watching. Even if there is a vendor that I like, if this host is on, I choose not to watch. And yet there are some hosts that make me laugh and make the show entertaining. Why does one person like a certain channel's newscast over another? I may watch ABC, but my friend prefers the NBC broadcast. So when your favorite newscaster leaves, it changes things. You get over it, but for a while, you miss them. I remember when Lisa Robertson left (her decision). Some people thought the world was ending!

  I feel for those who lost their jobs; this is an awful time to look for and find something else at that level of income. Hopefully they got a package of some sort.

And I don't think they will go hungry.




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@nyc1  I'm humbled by, and appreciate such kind words!😊❤



~~~All we need is Love💖



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I will miss Antonella.  I have seen her do clothing shows.  I am thinking of a great show she did with Louis Dell Olio and Linea.  I was surprised at how good she was.  


On another front if QVC wants to earn more money they should fix their shipping and handling.  How come Amazon can do it so beautifully and QVC sometimes so lacking.

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I am really disapointed in QVC.  I do not watch to much now. No more HALSTON OR BROOK SHEILDS.   If I FRI-YAY one more time I will scream. Kerstin, Jennifer and Jane T. drive me crazy.  If they are on I mute the TV.  All my faves have left I wish them well.  The shipping cost way to much.  I do not understand when I order 2 tee shirts it costs $3.50 each going to the same address.  


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I Totally agree with you ..


Just like how a Waitress treats you when you go to makes a difference. 


And on QVC  you really do get to KNOW the hosts  and hostesses .....i don't think it is IMPERSONAL at all!!!



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It is pretty sad to see all these hosts leaving. It kind of seems like QVC has lost whatever "mojo" it once had. I have been watching since its inception and I have definitely witnessed a downturn, especially lately, in the quality and range of its products and the at-times overly aggressive selling methods of some of its (remaining) hosts.

Seeing these hosts being let go, particularly the long-term ones, a couple of whom I had grown attached to over the years, is kind of personally upsetting. Let's face it - most of their viewers are women, and we grow attached to certain hosts, particularly if they are with QVC a long time. I'm certainly no business expert but it seems unwise to me for QVC to make such a major shakeup right now and potentially lose viewers as a result But I guess maybe it's an economic decision??

I don't buy much from them anymore. Not interested in electronic chargers, numerous brand vacuums, air purifiers, etc - particularly when I have to hear the poor hosts drone on about them all day. I mean how much can you say about an over-priced Dyson air cooler?

What's weird is that QVC keeps sending me surveys for my opinion of their products and services, etc. I give them kind of low rates in many categories, to be honest, but I just got my second survey a few days ago. Strange. One of the questions is something like "Do you get excited about and identify with our products?". Are you kidding? How much can you get excited about and identify with a toaster oven.

One host I have to give credit to is Rick Domeier - he has really stepped up lately and gives his all to whatever he has to sell. He seems genuinely excited about jewelry though and has taught himself a lot about it and I enjoy him in those shows - particularly when he's with Payton Kelly whom he greatly likes and admires. That guy is not going to lost his job and his ability to well support his wife and boys, even if it kills him. He seems to really appreciate his job much more over the last couple years, and as a result comes across with more sincerity and down-to-the-bone effort regardless of what he has to sell. Kudos to him for that.

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Sad for anyone to lose a job, but we don't know if it is their choice.  

Also, was it really necessary to post a negative comment about Jane?  There is enough negativity in the world without piling on.  

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@nonethanks wrote:

Sad for anyone to lose a job, but we don't know if it is their choice.  

Also, was it really necessary to post a negative comment about Jane?  There is enough negativity in the world without piling on.  

@nonethanks   We do know that it was not their choice, by their own words on their respective social media pages (FB and IG).


I hope they all have successes in whatever they choose to do (or not do) next.

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Antonella has a cooking show from her home on Facebook. I've seen it a couple times. Cooking shows have gotten to be a big thing on Facebook these days. That's about all I can say for it.

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I absolutely love Jane Treacy and could just watch her all day!  She is delightful and sincere.   I never could figure out why Antonella was still on QVC as she was terribly unprofessional and just downright goofy.