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I don't understand why QVC allows its employees to drink on the job. I know of no employer who would allow an employee to sip on a cocktail while working. The employee would be fired immediately. It's wrong, wrong, wrong. Yet another reason why I don't watch QVC much anymore.
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@Barks2005 ... I don't think there's alcohol in their glasses. I think it gives the shows a more relaxing kind of feeling. 

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I also doubt that they are drinking alcohol. Its an illusion to give a party feeling.  I seriously doubt QVC would open themselves up to lawsuits if a host was in an accident after work.

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 Agree ,  that show of Shawn's is  " supposed " to mimic a party - shopping . All the models twirling around .  If anything , I'd be afraid that  what ever juice is in the glass it would be spilled on the clothes

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I agree, it's totally unnecessary and adds nothing to the presentation, it's just plain silly. Few hosts actually take a drink, it's really more of a needless prop, and I doubt there's actually alcohol in the glass anyway! People have brought this up for years, nobody listens or cares.

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Not alcohol in their glasses. Vanessa said once during her "Your Style" show that she and the models were drinking ginger ale!

Imagine if a host drove home after their shift, intoxicated, and hit someone? That person would sue that host, and QVC.
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I can't believe that after all those alcohol posts a while back that anyone could still actually think they were drinking real stuff!  Plus with the liability no company would ever do that! 

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@Barks2005  They are on TV and just like any actor/actress they are "acting".  They don't actually drink on TV shows and in movies, why would you think they would be drinking bottles of wine?  They can't afford to start slurring their lines, and they already act silly at times on the set.  They are just giving you the illusion of what it would be like if you "bought" that bottle of wine and how much fun it would be. 

     The sheer fact that you believe they are actually consuming alcohol shows how good they are acting.   They can't come out and explain that they don't have alcohol in the glasses since then their sales pitch would be worthless since they aren't actually drinking what they are selling.  Just like taste testing, if they don't like what they are taking a small bite of they have to fake it.  Sometimes the camera pans away so they can spit it into a napkin.  

     This has been brought up many times through the years.  We understand there are people that are "uncomfortable" with the illusion of the hosts drinking.  Some viewers have had a bad experience with alcohol, and they feel it encourages alcohol abuse.  Problem is alcohol is legal.  Plenty can drink it without it being a problem. And plenty only drink it at special occasions like upcoming holidays.   And if you are watching TV or a movie chances are you are seeing other actors/actresses pretending they are drinking.  MANY different liquids can look like alcohol onTV. 

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I understand how you feel, but they definitely aren't really drinking on-air.  If you watch closely, they don't even take a sip of it.  As others have said, they don't have alcohol in their glasses either.


Either way, I think the whole concept of the hosts "drinking" is ridiculous.  Yes, it's all for sales, but it is kind of pointless.  It's almost comical to watch.

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Hosts Drinking Alcohol!

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Absolutely real alcohol being consumed by some, particularly when you see the crew  filling glasses directly from the wine bottle. 


One host has verified this on her QVC social media account after having a bit too much.