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Where do the hosts wear their microphones these days?  They used to be clipped on their clothing, near the collar of their tops.  I ask because I cannot watch anymore.  The volume of their voices goes up and down, so far that you can hardly hear a few words until the volume goes back up!

It's ONLY QVC.  It's their audio.  This was a problem a few years ago and they fixed it.  They need to fix it again.  It's very annoying.

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I have Bose equipment and this show - Amy & Jackie - is muffled and beaks up.

Not interested in tunics -------- so changed the channel.  Not worth the 'ear' effort.

Clear on others (channels)

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@snipsnapsnur    I still see microphones in the same places as always and hosts still talk about their microphone apparatus in "backpacks"

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