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I completely disagree on Rosina. I think she has such tenacity and is a breath of fresh air. She just started about a year ago but she's working the kinks out. She has the biggest potential I have seen in a new host. Rosina just give her time to flourish
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@Chris in SC wrote:
I clicked on her name under "Meet Our Hosts" and you can't open her profile. Everyone else's profile you can open. Wonder why this is.

I don't think you get a profile until they decide they're going to keep you.  She is probably still in a probation period.

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She started at the exact same time as Monifa and Vanessa, and they both have rather lengthy profiles. 


I don't think it has anything to do with "probation", but seems like an odd omission.

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It seems just an oversight that Rosina & QVC have not followed up with it.  Before her maternity leave, Rosina was woefully absent in doing anything on social media with her account.  Unlike the other two new hosts that started with her, Rosina barely ever posted or contributed anything.  I remember thinking it was weird then, since QVC seems to make social media postings mandatory.  


The website folks are probably not thinking about Rosina's profile statement, after all this time.


Since she's been back, there's more on her pages, but she still hardly ever posts.  I think only Dan Hughes posts less that Rosina does.  

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I also turn the channel when she is presenting, Her voice is like nails on a blackboard. It is like watching a character from the Jersey Shores TV show. She also plays with her hair way too much.Too bad she doesn't spend as much time on the product info. Sorry, not a fan. 

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Re: Host Rosinna Grosso

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Huge plus:  No family talk and unnecessary chatter.  I like her, but I do admit she pays a lot of attention to her hair - just like the Barefoot Dreams rep and Court.

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Re: Host Rosinna Grosso

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I caught the rerun of the show this morning, and I didn't think she did a bad job at all. If anything I think the vendor was the one that was interruptive, kind of goofy, not with it. I know she's a big Broadway star but I just thought she was different. I think the QVC show host did a great job with her. The host tried to rein her in and stay on topic but the vendor kept interrupting and over speaking her. I like QVC's vendor Rosina. I like all the different personalities, can't have everyone the same. Variety is the spice of life.

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@faeriemoon wrote:

She's not particularly polished. 

Not at all. 


I don't watch often but recall seeing her shortly after her arrival and wondered why they hired her.  Having seen her more recently, I didn't note any vast improvement. I don't dislike her, but don't think this job is a particularly good fit. 

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I have seen her host a few times. I just wish she, and others, would talk about the models, colors, and sizes more. The last time I saw her one of the models was standing there with the camera on her. Rosina was busy talking about the color she was now wearing (after first wearing another color). She didn't even acknowledge the model. 


She is hosting some upcoming shows with Carolyn Pollack. I hope she knows what she's selling!  Smiley Wink

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I find her interesting.  This is not an insult because I like him and his voice draws me in; she is a female Dennis Basso.  Dennis is more refined and I expect her to become more confident in her knowledge and presentation skills. She has strong facial features and her make-up looks good.


I think that being a new mother is having an effect.  Her hours are mainly 12:00am or later.  That has to wreak havoc with her body clock and her ability to be perky and upbeat.  Then again, it could be her usual demeanor.  .