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Host Rosinna Grosso

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  • i am a night owl and I have to say watching this host is painful. She has to refer to her card to even read off the cuff comments. Still very uncomfortable and over the top. She was on wee hours this morning with clothing line new to me and between her and guest it was a train wreck. I think she needs more training at very least.
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@Lovescrochet , I agree with you.  If I turn it to QVC before going to bed and she is on, I immediately change the channel.  


I was interested in some jewelry one late night and couldn't continue watching as it was painful.

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she is fine


i saw both presentations mentioned and have no negative opinion

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She appears to have not improved over time whatsoever, (to me.)


Seems to be riding a very, very flat learning curve.

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As soon as I hear her voice I turn the channel.

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If a host is unwilling to take the time to do some preparation for her show, familiarize herself with the merchandise, how to pronounce words etc., all the training in the world is not going to help.  It's called "taking pride in doing a good job" and it can't be taught.

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She's not particularly polished. 

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I cannot watch her.  Immediately check to see what is on.  I find her, for a lack of a better word, "hard".  She was on with Laura Geller and hardly smiled, seemed very annoyed and would not let Laura finish her sentences.  She looks like she would rather be anywhere else but on the Q.

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@lovesallanimals    When a person is on the job to just earn a paycheck and has no interest in the work, it shows.

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She is AWFUL. She tends to look like a hot mess and I don't her to be professional. She's not a good fit for the Q