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Re: Harry Slatkin Photo On Home Page

I think he has a TSV Thursday, November 2.

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Re: Harry Slatkin Photo On Home Page

@ajsidney12 wrote:

Ahhh so what, you know it's him so why does it matter to anyone? I use a professional work photo on proposals and other marketing tools taken at least 8 yrs ago.  If anyone were to make a comment to me saying "hey you have some grays now" or "you've gained a few pounds since this was taken" I would tell them to mind their own business and or shut that down in another manner. It's not a dating profile for crying out loud and both of us look enough like those people from how many years ago, that it should not matter to anyone.

I don't think it matters to anyone what picture he uses.  It was more of a surprise to see a much younger man in the picture.  This is a forum where discussions take place.