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What I like about HSN hosts is , it isn't their show, they actually present the products.  I hope they see their value.  When QVC says, entertaining with Jayne", it is the same old product just using the host.  Qudos to the HSN hosts for doing the job.

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I am so happy to see this thread about HSN because over the last few months I have fallen more in love with this channel because of all the things you guys have said. I really enjoy all of it, not so much the electronics but can't be 100% perfect. They are great!!

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I have always felt the HSN hosts were more professional and easy to listen to. I've hardly tuned into QVC in the last dozen years (too irritating).

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Overall, I think HSN's hosts are much better in every way.  QVC at one time, maybe 30 years ago when I first started watching it, was the better channel.  They've now got so many hosts that are just so unwatchable and hard to listen to.

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I watch for the product, not the host.I will say that I can't watch Adam Freeman for very long.

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I am a fan of HSN have ordered many through the years and most host are great.....there is a couple I cannot watch for very long...Amy with beauty report, she talks super fast and never takes a breath for others to speak.....Lynn Murphy's voice is nails on a chalkboard, terrible tone....Lesley Ann sounds and acts fakey....Shannon is hard to watch with her craziness....all the others are pleasant

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I don't watch HSN that much (like the products better on QVC) but I have noticed when I watched that their hosts are more professional. They dress like they are going to work (no pajamas, sweat clothes, etc) and they are very professional and informative in their presentation.  

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Love Debbie Denmon!

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@Carmie wrote:

Just curious.


Those who prefer HSN and their hosts.  How many purchases do you make?

I am just wondering if the soft sell, laid back presentations are working.


I have not purchased from Q in a couple years, however I have purchased from HSN and JTV Last yearSmiley Happy  

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I think the HSN hosts do a terrific job as well, my favs are:

Valerie, Marlo, Amy, Colleen,Callie and Tamra......I don't watch often, but when I do I really enjoy these hosts!