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If you've ever watch JTV there is a woman named Melissa who is always on and always gasping and rolling her eyes. She's laughable and whenever I pass by ..there she is. 


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The HSN blonde, Amy somebody who does the beauty shows is the absolute worst for the gasping stuff.  "OMG it's a lipstick, I've never seen a lipstick before!!"  She annoys the living daylights out of me - and yes, I do change the channel but obviously not quick enough!!

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I have never liked any of the host personalities on HSN. 

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@Othereeeen  Last night JT was saying she was crying at several of the callers and their bolt stories.  I was luckily heading for a shower and turned her off!    To me half those stories sounded fake.     

Well, I'd like to share my sad Halo Bolt story too.  I was ready to show off my handy little Halo when a friend recently had a battery issue.  Well, it didn't work.  He had to do it the old fashioned way.  Jumper cables!  Boo-hoo! 

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Too funny and true!

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OMG.... Thumbs up to the OP!! That was right on!!
Kerstin on the Q is the hands up wide open, gasping like I never saw anything this great before hallelujah person.... IMO...... Oh yea, and JRT