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Re: Guess I'm not a "valued" customer

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I don't often buy anything from QVC....maybe three purchases a year.


I get discount offers occasionally.  I don't use the discount codes if I don't need anything.


I think QVC is trying to win me back to buy more.  Those who shop often don't need an incentive to buy, I suppose.

Agree!  I think those who buy a lot here, there's no incentive for QVC to give them any discounts.  I bought 8 items this year and have gotten 3 coupons I guess to get me to buy more--LOL!!  I have used 2 of the coupons.



I think that's it. I made my first purchase for the year about two weeks ago, and then I immediately received a $10 off coupon which I used to purchase some lock and lock.  That's two purchases for the year. 

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Re: Guess I'm not a "valued" customer

I supposed because I am in the Greater Los Angeles area, I do receive excellent AMZ service. I have been a member for 21 years and never paid shipping for any item (lucky I guess? I don't know). Any time I have returned an item, they have always refunded me the full amount and never declined a return. I was being generous, but most of the time; I receive my items in 2 days. 

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Re: Guess I'm not a "valued" customer



I got the same flyer in the mail. First time in 30 years I've ever gotten any offers from QVC