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Re: Gourmet Holiday 7/27/2022

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Sandra Bennett is not very good on the holiday gourmet shows. It's all about squishing. I had to turn back to the previous program. I only go to QVC when a commercial comes on. Smiley Happy


She was better than Albert.



Very sorry to hear the rep passed. 

no way shes on again and taking over courtney just like Jane TSmiley Mad

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Re: Gourmet Holiday 7/27/2022

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I saw that show yesterday it was one big mess...those two women "destroyed" every product they demod at those prices.. I can.t afford that and to see that delicious, expensive food mangled.squashed,ruined was sicking.. Shame on them.

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Re: Gourmet Holiday 7/27/2022

ValuSkr said: Yes, food shows aren't her strong suit. I would confine her to clothing and beauty, maybe jewelry.



I know these shows are popular but they aren't anyone's strong suit. Some are just worse than others imo.

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