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What a nice GH show today with Jayne Brown and Mary Beth Roe.  True professionals!!  Thanks, ladies.

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Their shows ends at 7pm ET. Thus ends the professionalism.

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I stopped my clicker when I saw Mary Beth presenting Junior's CheesecakeYum. Upon seeing that Jayne Brown was the co-host I just left it on while I went through the motions of prepping and cooking my dinner.  It was so nice to have two cordial hosts working together who were speaking respectfully to the guests and the viewers, and were not trying to be cute and silly.  That level of on-air professionalism should be the usual, not the exception. 

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@Patriot3    I agree.  I rare;y watch these gourmet shows but I did watch today and both Mary Beth and Jayne were great.   I ended up sending cookies to my family on the east coast who will be celebrating Christmas together. 

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Ditto EVERYTHING the four previous posters said.

Had I known these two lovelies were hosting I might have tuned in. 


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I started to watch but Jayne made so much noise smacking her lips and chewing in the microphone that I could not continue watching.

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I had to turn the channel too. I could not tolerate the saliva sounds while chewing.
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QVC needs a new line up of hosts.  I cannot think of one that I can listen to for more than five minutes....mute button is my friend.  And why are hosts munching on the food?   The smack and crunch are not appetizing.  

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Don't watch the food shows that much, but the hat and pajama stuff is a complete turn off........

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anyone for 18 crab cakes for almost $300??? anyone??? got a few for the bus driver and the dog walker and the UPS guy------thought I could put each one in a gift bag----anyone????good grief--that's when I stopped watching-----