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It's wrong to knock someone when they are down; it equally wrong to state with certainty that nobody is able to pay off a large credit amount in one month.

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Sometimes it seems posters may not understand how much income some make monthly or how little.  Some professionals take home tens of thousands per month.

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Re: Got Cut off from QVC

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@Anonymous032819 wrote:

Look, the o/p made what she felt at the time, was the best decision for her.


Let's not beat her over the the head with "You should have done this", or "Why didn't you do that?" .


What's done is done.


I know people love to brag about how they can pay off all of their credit cards every month.


It makes them feel superior to those who can't, like they are better than them.


I refuse to believe that everyone who takes a vacation, and charges the airplane tickets, the hotel room (only fancy places will do. No Motel 6, thank you very much), plus food, plus all the other expenses that go along with being on vacation) off in full in one month.


I call bull on that. 



You mean to tell me that after charging thousands of dollars to a card that it was all  paid off in one month?


Yeah, right!



Same for car repairs, which can also cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.


100% paid off in a single month?


Sure, right.


I'm not buying that load of karp.



Fact is, there is no shame in carrying a balance.


That's just reality for many, and they are doing the best that they can, but Life can throw you a curve ball at any moment, and the FACT is, not everybody had tens of thousands dollars set aside in savings. If everybody did, then there would be no poor, or people living from paycheck to paycheck.


The smug, arrogant, superior attitudes that people have around here when it comes to money is just absolutely disgusting.


Have some compassion for those who are less fortunate.


Not everybody "lives beyond their means" .


A HELL of a lot of people are doing the best that they can just to keep a roof over their heads. They aren't living extravagantly, buying porterhouse steaks, drinking Crystal Champagne, and buying a new car every year.


In case one hasn't noticed, the price of everything has gone up, but wages aren't keeping up.


And no, people are not getting rich by sitting at home collecting unemployment, so don't even go there with that lie.


So, if people have to carry a balance on their credit cards every month, that's their choice. I'm sure that if they could pay it off in full, they would.


So people need to quit with the superior, holier-than-thou, smug, arrogant attitudes when it comes to money, and putting others down who are not as "smart" as them.


And if someone doesn't like what I said, tough!


I stand by what I said.


Your epic take down was spot on.


However, I do have an alternative scenario for you. I enjoy taking out of country vacations every two to three years. One thing that I do and I am sure others as well is that I estimate how much I am going to need for the trip. Airfare, food, Spending Money, tours, Time Share, ground transportation etc. I come up with a cost and then I divide that cost up over the months between when i start planning a trip till when I take it.

I put that money aside bi weekly in a separate account. When I am ready for my trip I have all of my money that would be needed, so that I am able to pay off my vacation bills on my card in full when the bill comes due.


This is not to boast just to put fourth that it is possible.



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@Anonymous032819 Just now read your post and I say  3 cheers to you! Thanks for saying most of what I have thought for a long long time!!!