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@Citrine1 wrote:

@KingstonsMom   I don't think @Suzeecat  was referring to you when she made that comment.  I think she means the IRS is "kicking someone when they're down".

Exactly.  It's clear that someone is experiencing cash flow problems, and the IRS forces them to pay even more $$$.  If that amount couldn't be paid and had to be written off, how the heck is the person supposed to pay taxes on it? 

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@Critter Friend  I'm sorry you're going through this and hope things get better soon. Heart

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@Critter Friend I'm sorry this happened and hope things are going better for you now.

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@KingstonsMom   glad someone who really knows chimed in here.  I do not use QVC's card nor any other Synchrony cards, but I know some card companies react very fast when even one payment is a day late and some send a late message so that the user can catch up or explain before there are repercussions.


I didn't go back to read the original post, but I don't believe OP said she had called Synchrony to tell them why she was late and find out what new laws applied to her because of the COVID situation.  That call might also have helped.




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critter friend,I hope things start to look up for you soon.maybe it is a blessing in diguise.good luck to you

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Re: Got Cut off from QVC

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I don't think the IRS is the evil villain in this.  There may be many factors at play, when someone gets into a situation like this, but tax laws are not made based on a single incident.


Anything that counts as income (such as winning a gift card or other prize in a contest) is taxable.  And having what is essentially a rebate, caused by accepting a settlement, is income.


It may have been better for the OP or anyone in this situation to have contacted the CC company to work out a repayment deal instead of a settlement.


But we actually know very few facts in this case.



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Bottom line, credit card debt is evil!  It's always best to only purchase what can be paid for without incurring finance charges or other charges. 

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@Critter Friend    I am sorry about that Critter Friend.   I don't understand why you can't buy something with a check  or money order.  Anyway, I know it's tough to have be en laid off and not being able to work out a better solution

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Thank you all for your positive comments. Now I know why they suggested for me to consult a tax attorney, but who has one of those?? Will have to see how this shakes out at the end of the year tax wise.

I am good now, back to work. Sold my house, which was in the plan anyway. Credit is in tact, mostly.

Thank you again. 


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This really isn’t the place for legal or tax advice. Having said that the OP, who unfortunately has fallen on rough times, might want to explore whether she is eligible for the insolvency exception to having to include the unpaid portion of the credit card debt into income. Some information can be found at