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Gift Card won't work/register

My sister sent me a QVC gift card for Christmas, I rec'd it in the mail today.  I sat down to order my gift.  I selected 'Gift Card' for payment method, then hit 'continue' and got this message:  "This gift card has been redeemed"....?....interesting, since I just opened the card in the mail/envelope that it arrived in.  I called my sis and told her; also called QVC, they showed the same 'status' for this gift card number/security code.  QVC offered to forward my situation to 'corporate' but if QVC customer service is showing 'redeemed' in their computer, then I'm sure corporate will show the same thing.  Anyone have this happen?  My sister will be calling them today to trace it down, strange.!  Merry Christmas , eh?  Woman Sad

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Re: Gift Card won't work/register

I've been reading for the last several years, how people use some electronic device to scan the number from gift cards. Hope QVC can honor ur card.

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Re: Gift Card won't work/register

They should definitely be able to track the redemption by product and user. It's not like the Q gift card is good anywhere else. They will get to the bottom of it, just keep pestering them.

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Re: Gift Card won't work/register



To save you and your sister some time, I would be happy to see if I can assist you with this. Please send me an email to so I may investigate.


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