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Re: Ghost shopper on my account

@Texcin wrote:
All is well that ends well. I contacted Beth in Customer Care early evening yesterday, expecting a call after the Thanksgiving holiday. Much to my surprise, Beth telephoned and we slowly but surely worked our way through the account. The cancellations were the result of a worldwide computer problem QVC experienced And unfortunately, my account orders were cancelled. The returns that I did not return were the result of a poorly worded letter that did not say what they were actually trying to do. QVC overcharged me for 4 items and not the two I had actually purchased. They found the error before I saw it on my credit card statement. In an effort to correct their error, they "returned" 2 items, thus causing the confusion of me receiving return letters on 2 items when I had the same 2 items in my home. The cancellations and returns were within a few days of each other, creating my ghost shopper!

Thank you to Beth for contacting me and taking the time to figure this out. Right now I am satisfied and ready to shop! Thanks to all who responded. Happy Thanksgiving.


@Texcin, WOW!!! You had a boatload of Murphy's Law issues. I'm stunned. Good for you for stinking with it and getting it all sorted out. 


@Beth-QVC, thank you and all of the moderators (from the @Community_Team ) for stepping in and helping us out. You all are just great!!! Smiley Happy


My hands down, favorite part of this new forum system is having all these extremely proactive (a huge deal!!!) and helpful moderators around to help us sort through things.


You all are a big selling point to the QVC experience and I really appreciate all that you all do. 


I hope you all are having a great Thanksgiving weekend!!! Smiley Happy


-- bebe Smiley Happy