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@SweetSpice    I think Mary works best with Gary and he seems to like her too.  Mary has a sense of humor and personality, both of which Sandra is lacking.  They may just rotate hosts.

I would love to see Gary and Mary working together....I think they would make a great team.

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I have seen a few of the hosts working with "Gary" now and I think that "Sandra Bennett" with her cool and calm demeanor works the best with "Gary", although, as far as I am concerned, no one could compete with "Carolyn Gracie", who is sorely missed!  All the other hosts just don't do it for me!!!.........Sandra should be his co-host now!!!  What say you??




Cool and calm demeanor?


Couldn't disagree more.  Interrupts constantly, never lets the vendor speak, talks so fast....









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I'm convinced there will be more shake ups at QVC.  Maybe not immediately, but in a few months anyway.  Don't get attached to any hosts or vendors, I guess is what I am trying to verbalize here. 

@maximillian    I agree with you.  What I have been reading all ove rthe internet is that many people will not buy anything anymore from QVC or HSN.  I think they hurt themselves bad.  Things I see here (complaints)  I am seeing everywhere about the different hosts and the way they act.  The high prices, bad quality.  Pretty much the same as here.I thought things would calm down after a few days but man it is not.



How many times have we read 'I will never shop again"  @BalletBabe  ?


LOL, more times than I can count....only to see threads by the same people talking about their order.

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I'm sure Gary will miss working with Carolyn. They were so fun together. I am sure the other senior hosts are watching their backs now Smiley Frustrated

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I highly doubt that QVC is being discussed "all over the internet."


The Linda Moss blog, most definitely. 


Where one-half of the outraged posts are written by the same person. 

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OMG, I would not want Sandra B. with Gary.  She talks so much, and she talks over the vendors all the time.  It drives me crazy.  She did it with Dennis Basso, and I could almost see his ears turning red with annoyance.  She never shuts up, just like Jane Tracey and Shawn Killinger.

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My choice is Mary DeAngelis.  She is quick-witted and has a fun personality.  She was great tonight with the Dooney show alongside Adriane Kiss.

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Sandra is painful to watch. 

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Hi Gary, I check almost everyday for "petite" fit anf flare tops-- will Denim and Company be making more???

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I still cannot watch QVC. I just don’t feel the same about them. No one can replace Carolyn, sorry 😞.