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Furniture Shipments Need Eco Friendly Packaging

I received last week "2" H194022 Treasured Shabby Chic Distressed Tables. They were delivered in "2" big boxes! They also were double boxed for shipping. My tables were in excellent shape. However, my only complaint is the over abundance of Styrofoam. My garage was a disaster with that stuff everywhere! I still have 2 boxes full of Styrofoam that I refuse to deal with...but cannot recycle. QVC, please find a better way to ship large fragile products in a mode Eco Friendly Way!

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Re: Furniture Shipments Need Eco Friendly Packaging

I fully understand what you mean about that Styrofoam...I ordered one of those folding tables that DV sells during his kitchen shows....I actually have a few of them....but what a mess I had with the packing was everywhere in my kitchen...(I don't have a garage).....Not sure what the alternative would be to ship furniture items...