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@av8tor wrote:

Perhaps someone may be watching anything on tv from 9 to 5 due to personal circumstances such as a serious illness or caring for someone with special needs. Each of our circumstances are individual. Please don't judge



Oh gosh @av8tor 


I am NOT judging.  Just saying for me...I would not have any TV on that long!  I tape everything just so I can FF through all the stuff I don't like!

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Re: Friday on the Q

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Regarding Terri Conn, is it me or is she only on from noon to 1:00 daily...I have never seen her after that time on the main channel or QVC 2...interesting

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Re: Friday on the Q

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I very seldom have the TV on during any day.  I guess I can't stand all the commercials and can't stand all the blabbering by some of the hosts on the Q.  I can usually find something else to do.


This week I did have the Depp/Heard trial on but that's a rarity.  Guess I like my quiet and my own company.......which is good that I can live with myself Smiley Happy

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They should only air what I like.

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I'm either muting the hosts or turning off the tv!

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Who are we talking about?

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I agree!   The new programming format is repulsive!  Multi-hosts per show simpy talking over each other and telling everyone how they "adore" them.  Sickening.  And Jane T shows are even worse!  Immeidately change channel when she is on as I don't need to hear about her family members every two minutes - obnoxious!   QVC is NOT what it used to be!!!!!

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Agree 100%!

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The day I began talking back to the TV and changing the channel a lot, I knew my love affair with QVC was over.


Now, I never watch more than a few minutes...and even that is rare.


While I do miss the Christmas atmosphere this time of year, I cannot tolerate the noise, multiple hosts, fast talking and all the antics that are part of trying to sell me something I don't really need.


The constant countdown of how many of anything are left in each color is enough to keep me from watching ever again.



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