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Just as I suspected! Early this morning I was thinking about ordering another set of Primula tumblers. Since shipping was $5.50 I decided not to get them. I honestly don’t need them but wanted to get the other color choice. Then I got an email that there was free shipping. Yippee! Searched & found the tumblers but when I clicked to order they were suddenly “not available.” Why did they show up then? So several times for the next few hours I kept trying to order. They showed as available & it said free shipping. But every time I clicked on it I got the same “item not available.” Very frustrating!


Now at 6:35 pm- after the free shipping has ended they are suddenly available to order. Of course with $5.50 shipping. The color choice I wanted isn’t there but for $5.50 less I probably would have got them anyhow. So what gives? Do they purposely do this with certain items so they don’t have to give free shipping? I know the fine print said “restrictions apply.” Apparently there was a restriction on this item. I could understand if it was an extremely large or heavy item with expensive shipping but a set of tumblers?  


I had this happen another time too. I think it was for Beachbody DVD’s. They weren’t available during the free shipping period but showed up after it ended. Apparently that was a restricted item- a lightweight set of dvd’s. Seems funny I manage to, without even trying, find the items that are “restricted.” Anyone else have this happen?

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I have never had this happen to me but if it did, I would not be happy about it.  I'd probably call customer service and order through them.

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Have you ever tried calling customer service?  They are very helpful whenever I have a problem or question.  Select the option to "speak to a rep".  1-800-367-9444  Good luck! 😊

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Re: Free shipping- scam?

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Hi @Tribefan, I've had this happen to me when an item is in small quantity (maybe one), and selling out.  Sometimes the items go on waitlist after playing like that.  I am sure it is not a scam.  The item is completely sold out now.  I wish QVC would state when there is a handful left, so we can make a quick decision.  I have lost many items by putting them in my cart and forgetting to check out within the hour, only to find the item sold out.


This probably made the item available to someone else who bought it, then the item is unavailable to me.

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I think I'd be careful before accusing a corporate entity of conducting a scam just because some glitch prevented you from getting what you wanted.  Apparently at the time you didn't care enough to pick up the phone to call CS.  They were selling a big snow blower with over $20. In free shipping but were protecting and sheltering your tumblers?  Nonsense.

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When I saw the free shipping I ordered 2 of Martha Stewart’s planters. I am sure I would not have purchased even one of them and paid the shipping. I am sorry you had a problem but I know customer service would have helped you.  I have never had a problem with QVC that they didn’t correct.

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There was a disclaimer in the email. That would cover whatever reason they didn't want to offer free shipping on the item.


Free Shipping Offer Details: Applies to standard shipping only. Free standard shipping offer excludes items with shipping included. Free standard shipping only applies to the first shipment of an Auto-Delivery order. Applies to orders shipped within the Continental U.S. only. Additional restrictions may apply. Offer ends 1/5/19 at 2:59pm ET.

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Scam?  I went to the item and put 5 in my cart.  I received an error saying only 2 are available.  That is likely from your fellow shoppers cancelling.  I don't think the Q was trying to save $11.

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I couldn't agree more. I've been shopping with QVC since the year they started. I've stayed with them because of their customer service. I've never been disappointed with the responses I've received. I've had a few problems over theem eyears, things not received yet shown as delivered, items broken in delivery, etc. I was given credit for them without them ever asking for proof. I compare them to Evine who wouldn't replace or credit me for a broken Waterford glass in a set of 4, so if I had kept them, I would have paid for 4 and yet only received 3. This would never have happened with QVC. I don't believe the free shipping is a scam as I've used it specifically to buy items that are more expensive to ship and never had a problem.  


I'm always amazed to hear people talk about receiving the wrong color, size, etc. but don't return it because they don't want to pay for S & H. Common sense is obviously not too common with many of these people because all they have to do is pick up the phone and call customer service. Thanks to QVC for over 3 decades of great service and products. 

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Re: Free shipping- scam?

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Big business never surprises me anymore. I've seen a number of odd things over the years not be surprised if they do this.   Free shipping is sometimes a sales ploy just like a host wanting to order something while on air.  It's not illegal or a scam since the buyer can see the price they're paying.