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When Q charges for shipping, it gets criticized.


When Q offers free shipping, it gets criticized. 



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I was waiting for a free shipping event to order some items, including a Duraflame heater with shipping over $25, storage boxes with shipping $7.50/set and bedding with shipping at $5.50.  The free shipping was applied.  Regarding those Primula tumblers, however, a few weeks ago I had thought about ordering another set but they were out of stock, so maybe it was a coincidence they came back in stock right after the free shipping event. 

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Your em of today 1/12 about free shping on "everything" today is a lie. Went on line to order 2 items on clearance and shipping was $11 at $5.50 apiece on items on sale for $12.50.  So your em was a misstatement!!! Your disclaimer only said items where shping was included were not included. It said nothing about itmes on clearance.

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@Freeshpingemtoday, call and order via a customer service rep. Clearance items are included in the FS deal.

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I appreciate the free shipping days.  Seems they are coming along more often which is great.