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Wonder why HSN does free S&H on most of their TS and Qvc hardly does any?  HSN seems to offer way more free shipping all the time on certain items.  Q needs to do the same!!

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There are quite a few differences between the 2 networks, which is curious since owned by same company. 

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Both networks are owned by Qurate, but their operations are separate.  That's why they have separate presidents heading the respective companies, and entirely separate executive management.

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I agree, HSN is much better than QVC all around.  I get my packages so much faster too!

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I have always thought that free shipping would make a TSV on QVC or a TS on HSN *more* special.  I agree that HSN does it more than QVC. 

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According to the email/letter I received from an HSN executive, as of June 1 they are no longer refunding the original S&H on a return. Stated that one of the reasons was to offset cost of free shipping events. Noticed on some items the shipping has increased drastically. I ordered a Lessman item and was shocked to see shipping = $10.72. Even using my 20% off code I did not think it was worth that much shipping so cancelled. Guess it pays to keep a list and purchase on free ship days. Even with all this said, still fill better run company and yes agree their shipping department is much better and more efficient then Q. Regarding yesterdays sock TSV I did order two sets in wide and certainly hope they are better then the last TSV. The representative said they made improvements based on customer comments.