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Re: For what its worth...

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@RavensGirl wrote:


My goodness, folks! How much can one really say about a SHOE or a VACUUM or whatever the item may be without boring us to death! 


Perhaps everyone would be happier with robots providing "just the facts, ma'am"



You NAILED IT, when the host and vendors run out of things to say about a SHOE or a VACUUM ....that means the presentations are too long..


QVC also bores us with several presentations of the same product in the same show...And QVC's overall product rotation has gotten more and more I can see why hosts could get bored


But I think you got the wrong impression of many of us....NO, we don't want robotic hosts, but what we are tired of hosts making themselves the focus of the show and the only product information we get anymore is COLORS,,,,, Woman Frustrated


There are several hosts that do a fine job of making the product the star, and provide good product information, let the vendor speak and balance it out with a bit of fun.......Leah, Carolyn, Katie, Dan Hughes, Mary Nelson, Mary Beth



The hosts I find robotic are Stacey and Sandra....

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