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I just can’t with Alberti. I just can’t. 

Please Q, switch up the hosts. 


And then there's Amy on Q2 tonight filling in for Courtney Khondabi... Amy starts off the show by saying “Courtney’s in heaven” and that’s why she (Amy) is sitting in for her. Thankfully Amy went on to say Courtney is with her nieces and since she loves her nieces so much, that’s why she’s in heaven. SMH.


I’ll be so disappointed in heaven if it’s only comparable to spending time with my nieces and nephews here. Lol. 

Geez. The silly references hosts make really are just too much sometimes to listen to. 

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QVC, please do not listen to one negative opinion and change things.  Some people only have unpleasant things to say.   

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Can't take Alberti either.   He is not a foodie and makes it very hard to watch him doing that show.  Please send him back to Q2 or somewhere else.  Thanks.

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I love Alberti on any show! He is so pleasant!!
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I have no problem with Alberti BUT, I can’t take AS .... Half the stuff that comes out of her mouth can’t be understood plus she talks so fast & mispronounces every other word that she becomes annoying to watch ... IMO she should be behind the scenes & off camera.

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It's a good thing we all have a choice of what we watch!!

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I agree with you about matter how much I want to watch a show, if she is hosting I immediately switch channels.  She is cute as a button, but she talks so fast I can't understand what she's saying, so I don't bother to watch.  I think she would make a great petitie model, she looks great in clothes.  This way she wouldn't have to speak, just model and look cute.
It's not that I don't like the girl, it is very annoying when you can't understand what she is talking about 

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When did AS start saying "my friend" or "my friends" every other sentence?  Geesh.

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I enjoy some of the hosts more than others.  I think most of us feel the same way and that is normal.  But I had been channel surfing and landed on QVC just in time to hear Amy say that Courtney is in heaven.  That did shake me up for a second there - what a poor choice of words.  I don't dislike Amy though, it's live TV and stuff falls out of your mouth sometimes.  Happens to the best of  'em.






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Love Alberti.  He is interested in the products and informative regarding same.  Pleasant and enthusiastic always.