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Re: Faux Tanning

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@nada54 Never thought of using a makeup brush...that's a great idea!

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It is really trial and error.  I just purchased the Jergens Instant Sun sunless tanning mousse and I hate it.  The smell on me is awful.  I showered and I can still smell that chemical tanning smell.  Plus I don't notice any color at all after the first application.  I'm not sure I want to try a second time given the smell.  


My favorites are actually sprays.  I have the best luck with them.  I am going to pull out my Sephora Brand again and give it a whirl.  I too only do my legs because they just don't tan.  The rest of me will get dark from being outside but never my legs.  They are always a lot lighter than the rest of me.  

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I think bronzers could be nice for some people. Laura Geller, etc. Use with a brush.
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