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@PINKdogWOOD  - I'd like to know about her pants too.

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@PINKdogWOOD wrote:

@Just Bling   I want to know what pants Shawn had on last night too. I though they were zuda brand but now I don't think so.


Does anybody know who's brand she was wearing?


Oh you are so right, you were asking "ANYBODY" for the brand vs an opinion.


Next time I read it right and reserve my opinion and so sorry I for sure won't do that again.



...and some of you wonder why people don't post anymore.

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Shawn's pants if you are referring to the green ones were Truth & Style A453678 French Terry Pull on Joggers.  She stated she was wearing an XX small.  Jackie the model (I hope I am spelling her name correctly-I think she is charming) had the pants on in black in the correct size and they looked great.  This is a perfect example of how correct sizing makes all the difference.  

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@AZMattie   Thanks - yes this is the correct item number for those olive joggers. For a NY minute they looked cute, now not so much that I've looked at them. These are a NO for me. Thanks for the item number though.