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Re: FRI YAY is a bust

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I  miss the days when hosts talked about the PRODUCT, without all the so-called entertainment.


I watch a lot of JTV now, yes the hosts hype the products & can be a little over enthusiastic but they go into great detail describing the product.    If you buy a gemstone piece, say a ring, for example, they tell you all about the stone, whether it's treated, where mined, the gram weight of the setting, and on & on.


Believe it or not,  there was a time when QVC described their products from A-Z

I guess TPTB think a circus atmosphere is better.

And if the sales are up, so be it.   Click



But the sales/revenues are not up....there were declines in quarters and now flatline at 3%(without their new calculating method it would have been a 1% decline)...previously you'd see a 9%, 6%, 5% increase per things aren't going so hot....that's the reason for all the shuffling of hosts, new show title, music, re-designed sets etc....but QVC forgot to freshen up the products....Woman Frustrated

I've said this before, QVC doesn't know what it wants to be when it grows up.

Am I alone in only wanting the facts?   I do have favorite hosts, or I should say I DID, but what I really like are accurate descriptions & demonstrations.    


And if their website is in competition with Amazon, Q gets an F.




Its not only the websites competing ---everything about these two companies --Amazon vs Qurate(QVC/HSN)  are in competion with one another....




From the headlines


Jul 14, 2017 - The deal, announced July 6, has Liberty Interactive-owned QVC using ... HSN and QVC needed to come together to compete with Amazon.".



"Consolidating efforts will make QVC a stronger player enabling it to more effectively compete against Amazon and Walmart, but it will need to evolve to meet the needs of a changing market," said Mark Ryski, CEO of HeadCount Corporation. "Younger consumers are cutting ties to TV and so the base of TV shoppers is declining. Ultimately, QVC will need to find ways to attract new customers and this will require significant changes to the way they have historically done business." "The challenge for both firms is that neither is very successful at acquiring new shoppers," said Jason Goldberg, SVP of commerce and content practice at SapientRazorfish. "So this acquisition helps in the short term by aggregating audiences but doesn’t do much for the longer term. Millennials and Gen Z are pulling content they are interested in rather than letting TV networks push content to them."

I find it interesting neither one can increase their customer base.

I think it's more than just the lack of TV watching, I think it's the stale products.

No one is finding what they need anymore, quality at a decent price.

What do you think?

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Re: FRI YAY is a bust

I certainly don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I do have a bit of common sense.  It seems to me that QVC doesn’t seem to realize that many younger women don’t have the time/energy/money to be constantly watching shopping channels.  Some do, but maybe not enough.  In my instance, as a retiree, I have the time and more to spend than back in the day when college for our kids, helping them get settled, was our main focus.  Along with saving for retirement.  Well, so much of the clothing does not cater to me.  And so many designers offer limited petite sizing.  I go elsewhere.  


If QVC wants to take on Amazon, Walmart, and big box stores selling online, one would think that fast shipping would be a high priority.  And giving measurements on every item sold would likely cut down on returns.  And prices?  I have been a bargain shopper my whole life, not seeing much at the Q.

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Re: FRI YAY is a bust

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Was hoping that this would be fun new programing. WRONG. Saying FRI YAY 500 times and acting like you are having something to drink while selling the same ole products. AWFUL. Loved the two hrs Kim Gravel was on with new stuff.  Can't you at least do 5 or more easy pays or free shipping. No I don't want a Q Card. Boaring. Please stop yelling Jane. 


AGREED!  I kinda feel bad for Jane.  Leading in for David is a no brainer - easy.  But trying to keep the momentum going for Shawn - which I think is trying to do is just a waste of time.  And agreed FRI YAY what person says that?  I must be to old at 46, I never heard it and I do have nieces and nephews.  I remember Cathy and Garfield bubbles TGIF in the comics!  Smiley Very Happy

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Re: FRI YAY is a bust

Tired of the Fri Yay already.  Sure would like to see some new items.  Why is it Amazon, Walmart, VitaCost, and Target can get my orders to me within 2 days and QVC has my items "in process" for 5 days before they ship?   Also, at the stores mentioned shipping is free!

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Re: FRI YAY is a bust

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Tired of the Fri Yay already.  Sure would like to see some new items.  Why is it Amazon, Walmart, VitaCost, and Target can get my orders to me within 2 days and QVC has my items "in process" for 5 days before they ship?   Also, at the stores mentioned shipping is free!


     Those stores are some of my go-to's too!!  Too many repeats of the same items and several hosts with poor presentation skills has reduced my QVC viewing time.   

     Presenting  the same products over and over --

regardless of the 'cutesy' name of the show and/or host -- is a definite channel changer for me.


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Re: FRI YAY is a bust

I agree - too much ITKWD last night. That surprised me, since I usually enjoy most of his shows, but it was too much with the pretend party playing Baconopoly and it was much too frantic. Not a fan of the social media person to begin with and it just didn't work. Jane is always too over the top for me and the whole Fri YAY thing is just stupid. I wonder how long it will run before they realize that it isn't working.

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Re: FRI YAY is a bust

I guess I should say Yay cuz I missed it.

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Re: FRI YAY is a bust

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I used to like watching AM Style Saturday mornings...this morning the first hour was more beauty products than fashion, so I switched to watch at Marc Bouwer fashion show on Evine...then came back to AM Style and the second hour started off with the beauty ******..
And on AM Style was the same old, same old stuff..bras, shoes by Senco the same as Vionic and high priced.  
There was a long blog on the fashion  menu about the high prices on clothing and it was blamed on the tariff's from China....Wednesday I went into TJ Maxx...they had the nicest most fashionable clothing, I bought a beautiful mid length cardi that would be no less than 60$ on the Q, for 14.99 and yes it was made in China.  So why can Marshall's and TJ Maxx sell their fashions for so much less than the Q?   The China tariff isn't it...the Q is paying big bucks to their hosts and the TV programming I would guess????
I certainly am not buying stuff the way I once did on the Q.



convo about this today here somewhere,


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Re: FRI YAY is a bust

I enjoyed Fri yay.  More David, I like.

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Re: FRI YAY is a bust

I liked it too!  Oh well.  Once again it seems I am in the minority!