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@BreezeHill wrote:


Same thing happened to me this week~!


Was told by Customer Service there has been a "glitch" in their system, and INSTEAD of sending out the "new" garment that was in stock ....  it "cancelled" that replacement item, and in fact charged me $6.95 in return shipping.   I had included an 8x11 pc. of paper with my request written in large letter, as well as marking 'exchange' on the enclosed form.  


I think I have a few more gray hairs from the frustration--but that will be my last clothing order, ever.

@VA_Belle77  LOL LOL,  the glitch in the system was a data entry operator with 10 fingers doing what she/he was told.  As they say, garbage in, garbage out. 

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I must have gotten lucky because I ordered two Halston tops and I did not like one of the colors so I returned it for an exchange to a different color.  I received an email from QVC saying they received my exchange request and were filling the order

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Add me to the list!  Ordered a pair of boots, Earth brand, size 11.  Too big, called customer service to ask about "free" exchange policy.  She noted the exchange I intended to make, whatever that meant.  I filled out the return slip requesting the exact style and color boot but in a size 10.  They have issued credit online, but no replacement order.  They obviously don't even look at the slip that accompanies your return.  Thanks for nothing QVC!  

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I also had a problem with an exchange that was mis handled as a return but I recently sent something back to exchange for size and it worked!  Maybe they have fixed whatever the glitch was!  My items that I returned were exchanged as requested, I was not charged for the label or shipping of the new items.  Billing was not affected.

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Has anyone had any experience with the return of an exchanged item for credit?   Do they charge return shipping and the original (1st) shipping that was "free" with the exchange.




After reading most of this thread I am not too hopeful that I will be getting my item exchanged.  Just sent an item back today for the first time  (in I think) ever in my history (1986) I have asked for an exchange.



Lots of "glitches" and "technical issues" it seems. Smiley Frustrated