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@Teddixat wrote:
@Foxxee. Most grocery stores give their day old food and produce to charitable food bank organizations.




That doesn't apply to meat, seafood, fresh vegetables and fruits that are going bad.  Mostly, grocery stores don't waste much food at all because they prefer to under order than order more they are not sure they can sell.  


Some grocery stores do give breads, cakes, cereals, canned products to charities that are about to expire if they don't sell.  


Grocery stores I shop throw baked products away if they don't sell.  First they put them on their "expiration cart" at 50% off.  I asked their bakery departments because I curious.  They don't offer again what doesn't usually sell out before the expiration date.  


Some grocery stores give food to farmers for their animals, but there are laws in my state that prohibit giving expired fresh food to human charities.  You could argue the point in another state because laws may be different, but regulations are strict in mine.