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OMG I channel surfed into a Corky's presentation, there must have been over 50 lbs of pork chops on the table, none of which will be eaten by the hosts or crew because of the pandemic issues, while people are in food lines and struggling to eat! That's a disgrace even without a pandemic! How about being more sensitive to what is going on in the world! It's not at all necessary to fill an entire table with product!

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I agree it does seem to be a lot of food displayed during the presentations and is wasteful if indeed it is thrown out. However, we don't know for sure if that's the case. Some say the crew eats it, but who knows. I just think they don't need to display platters upon platters of the food to sell it. THAT'S what seems wasteful.

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@KKJ  I have also heard that the crew eats up those items that are not spoiled by the hot lights. I'm sure QVC would not advertise this to the general public, however. 

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The food belongs to Corkeys, they brought it to Q to promote sells so it's serving a purpose & that's not wasteful.

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Does anyone know how much food restaurants throw out that they didn't sell and people didn't eat?


How about how much food is thrown out in homes that wasn't used or people didn't eat on their lunch and dinner plates.


What about grocery stores, school and hospital cafeterias? 


It's much more than what QVC is throwing away if, in fact, they do.  Do we know that for sure?


Shouldn't we shame them, as well?  The reality of it all is this food was paid for by someone and they can do whatever they want with it.


It is sad there are people in food lines and they'd receive more help if it was publicized, but I see nothing on the news; although, I do donate to organizations that help.   



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No matter who it comes from, there are very stringent rules by the FDA and state laws about 'donating' cooked food


So much more during COVID, than ever before.

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If you are worried about food and waste, then look at the percentage in your own home.  I doubt if any of us eat all we buy, and I doubt if the percentage you see on tv is sigificant in relationship to how many they sell.


Food is perishable and simply cannot be all used, or all harvested, or all gotten to producers and distributers in good enough shape to sell. 


Each of us has an opportunity to really do something about hunger.  Buying a few meals a month or donating is significant.  What QVC uses for demonstrations on tv I doubt really is. 

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There are so very many instances of food waste, big and small.


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I wouldn't eat any of that food. Who knows how long it's been under hot lights and how many people touched it or inadvertently breathed on it. And I felt the same before the pandemic.

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@Foxxee. Most grocery stores give their day old food and produce to charitable food bank organizations