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I have used that service on HSN with  a pair of earrings I didn't like ( got another color) as well as a blouse ( got another size) in the last  month and both times it was very fast and easy.  I didn't check to see if I paid any s/h but thats ok as I got each one alot faster than the first time they were shipped.  

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@San Antonio Gal 

 even sadder is that  after calling CS , you have to check to see If you are reimbursed . QVC billing statement  emails do not  described the full transaction so as making it difficult to understand .  Despite buying my share of goods from QVC , I find their business practices less than trusted.

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Good luck with that!

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In years past, I had great luck with exchange requests—I'd say at least 75% of the time, I'd get what I asked for, even if it took awhile. (On one order in particular, I exchanged the item three times to finally get one that wasn't defective, and I was glad I stuck with it and still use the item frequently.)


This year, I've had zero of my exchange requests honored; everything has been processed as a return instead. I've been fortunate to only have one erroneous charge for using the return label, and ironically, that was on a transaction where I contacted the Easy Returns Team. I've learned not to bother with that process anymore since the slow response time is frustrating and the results are mediocre at best. When the team first became available, things ran smoothly, but I think they must be overwhelmed now.

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This has happened to me the last two times I have requested an exchange. I checked and the items I requested were still available but they just gave me a refund. Not happy!

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Ugh. QVC doing their QVC best to aggravate their customers again. 🤣. I have an Isaac jacket that I was going to return for an exchange. Guess I'll just return it for a refund now. I'm not going to reorder it either because it's $10 more than the price I just paid. I'd be paying the price to ship the original order, the price to send it back, the $10 price increase, and the price to ship the new one to me.  It's my own fault for continually trusting them.

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This happened to me...


I bought the Cuddl Duds 3pc. lounge set that was a TSV at the end of August.  I liked it so I ordered another one in September at a feature price and free shipping. When it arrived, it turned out to have some defects.  I sent it back to exchange it for a replacement.  I've been waiting for it to arrive.  Last night I checked my account and it was marked as a return and I wa refunded minus a $6.50 shipping charge.  


My gripe is:

1.  They still have all colors in my size so why was it marked as a refund and not exchanged?

2. Since it was noted as defective, why was I charged shipping?


I was on the phone this morning to get it all straightened out.  I got a very nice CSR who refunded the shipping charge  back to my CC and got a replacement ordered at my original price and free shipping.  I appreciate all of that, but it shouldn't take customers chasing their refunds/replacements for QVC to do the right thing.