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Re: Enough with Christmas in July

@x Hedge wrote:

Oh you're not the first one to find a new name above your avatar without asking for it, @Spurt . 

Somehow they gave me a name that was at least a dozen letters long. This has been going on for weeks.


Apologies to OP @xryretriever .

And now, back to

 🎄   Christmas in July. 📆


@x Hedge 


Ya know looking back I think this all started with the change in my nickname after I posted a review....

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Re: Enough with Christmas in July

@northiie57 wrote:

Just a poor excuse to drum up sales.  Christmastime for some is a very difficult emotional and financial.  Bombarded with it and QVC has done it overload.  I do not watch.

Fourth of July is an emotional time for my family.  Does that mean no one else should celebrate it?? 


I particularly LOVE these threads.  It shows which posters live their life on QVC and cannot do without it!!  They are probably the same people who say you should not wish your summer away for Christmas time, but yet they are sitting in front of their TV!! 


If there is something on QVC I dislike, I turn the channel or go do something else; it's that simple. Last I checked, other channels existed on the television.

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Re: Enough with Christmas in July

@RespectLife wrote:

No @xryretriever 


You absolutely do not have to watch 'all these ridiculous shows.'


I'm pretty sure most TVs these days have more channels than just QVC.

And thank goodness for that, lol  Qvc  and all the others are not meant to be entertainment, its just something you watch if a particular product is being presented that you want to buy.  And you can always just look it up on line.  Right now I am on a western kick so my tv is tuned to the inspiration channel because gunsmoke is on a lot lol

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Re: Enough with Christmas in July

I just can't watch the shows..... not interested until October.  I love my decorations for Christmas but if I don't take them all down by Jan 1st they just look tired, cheap and lost their luster.  I have plenty to decorate with and everything is lovingly cleaned before they are repacked away.  But..... I'm just not interested in buying anything more, and the shows bore me silly..... 

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Re: Enough with Christmas in July

It just goes on and on and on with no end is sight!!! ugh!

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Re: Enough with Christmas in July

Um, you don't "have" to watch anything. Sounds like someone is a tad too reliant on tv for entertainment

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Re: Enough with Christmas in July

@Marypc wrote:

Um, you don't "have" to watch anything. Sounds like someone is a tad too reliant on tv for entertainment

Not necessarily. I don't watch Q for entertainment, but to shop, and Christmas stuff is not what I'm interested in. Now lest someone jump on me for my opinion, yes, I know there are people who love these nonstop CIJ shows, and yes, I do know I can change the channel and watch something else. There are shows I like to watch and shop from Q, just not all the CIJ.  

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Re: Enough with Christmas in July

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When I get tired of too much of what I have no interest in, be it mattresses, vacuum cleaners, or shoes, I look for other entertainment. Hundreds of cable channels, infinite streaming options, the internet, music, books, or the great outdoors (it IS July after all) await my attention. The choices are endless. Why would I stress out because a single solitary cable station isn't offering exactly what I want to watch when I want to watch it. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Luckily for the OP July is almost over. Oh...wait...😏

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Re: Enough with Christmas in July

Marypc, try not to be judgemental or assume concerning comments.  A lot of us are dissapointed in QVC.  It used to be good back ground and even shopping and esp. now with th virus, the border etc.  Sometimes it feels good to express the obvious

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Re: Enough with Christmas in July

I think more often then not, what 'old school' QVC viewers forget is that they are trying to evolve. They as a company can not stay the status quo or 'how they used to be' and expect to survive. Like any other company, they use data and analytics to figure out what sells, who sells it best, at what time and how to best sell it. QVC uses multiple platforms,  they have had relatively good sucess using influencers, especially on beauty products & expensive home items (dyson, le creuset), in reaching a younger audience. So while it may not be your old QVC, I dont see it going back to what you want because their customer base is changing, like it or not.  


Also, CIJ happens every year, you know its coming and they offer 4 channels where you can view QVC sales that are not all CIJ. If that doesnt work there is HSN & other similar stations on top of hundreds of others.  I get venting frustration, I really do but the amount of things that sell out, at the rate in which they sell out. I would say their analytics are proving that CIJ is worthwhile airtime for them as a company.