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@Reever wrote:

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        I agree with the posters!!  I rarely watch a Q show

anymore and if I do, rarely get through the entire show!     

        Many reasons - 

            hosts I will not watch

            vendors I will not watch 

            products I would not buy

            too many repeat presentations of products

            quality of products declining

            price of products climbing


many long timers are concerned that QVC will fail within the next 5-10 years. I pray it it still around for my grandchildren to enjoy as I have. QVC has brought a lot of enjoyment to seniors who live alone. 

Do your grandchildren shop at QVC now?

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THe items are only expensive because they lack quality. They sell cheaply made merchandise. Literally, D&Co items are being manufactured for a few bucks and then they are sold for $47-$50. it's Ludacris. This is the same issue with Cuddl Duds, Muk Luk, sports savvy, and all of the other crappy clothing that they constantly push! 

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I've found Sports Savvy to be a disappointment. It doesn't live up to anywhere near what it once was. The merchandise looks like Gary's D&Co. It appears out of fashion; even the colors are not appealing. But that doesn't take away from their asking price. 

I've found Candace Bure interesting and have purchased. I had hoped when they brought J Jason he would bring a collection. Instead he drops in occasionally and offers something once in a great while.

I suppose the hosts are supposed to distract patrons from the fact the Q has nothing of interest to show.

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Re: Enough is Enough

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Well said nicksmomESQ

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I think they need variety. To me, it's the same brands over and over. How many liquid knit tops does one need? Same with pajamas? Too many repeats, which just make me change the channel. They need to bring in more new brands and products; getting boring.

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There were great designers and shows worth watching!  I always enjoyed when Joan Rivers & Dennis Basso paired up.  They were just fun to watch.  


Also there were great jewelry shows to watch.  I always enjoyed the monthly Sunday morning silver shows, Italian jewelry (not 18K gold) shows and the stainless steel hours.  My friend, Lisa, also sold, for a short time, a nice costume jewelry line that she sold in Saks and some family run jewelry stores.  And of course, my fav - Judith Ripka.  The hosts really seemed to enjoy showing the products with us. 


That is what I miss about Q.  Woman Sad


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You have hit the nail on the head. When the price of mere hot dogs makes the whole room gasp, something is terribly wrong. 50.00 t shirts and 400.00 lobster tails, well we don't live in that world. QVC leadership has lost it's way and has alienated many Customers by getting rid of two very personable, seasoned Hosts. A shame but all good things eventually come to an end. 

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@NYwoman wrote:

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Tag team hosts add nothing to the shows. The only exception is the three hour food shows where the hosts need a break. 

Trouble is, it is NOT tag team.   It is two hosts for every product, one modeling and talking and the other holding the clothes on hangers, grinning and trying desperately to get camera time.   It's a clown show with wine, yet!   

@NYwoman  I think I know who you are talking about........the Friday night Fri-yay show.  I've watched that for a few minutes and it is ridiculous!

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I haven't read the entire thread ... someone may have mentioned it ... unless the two hosts are sharing one salary ....


Two hosts - two salaries, two sets of samples - double the price of what they are selling.


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I don't understand why they need two hosts and a vendor during a presentation. 


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An article I read said Q had a huge inventory so maybe they will have to lower prices to get rid of it. The prices have been ridiculous, even considering inflation....$40,50, 60 for tshirts.  

Most of the clothes you can find the same thing at walmart for $20. They raised their prices on stuff too high for what it is...especially Susan Graver and her made in China ******.