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OK QVC - you bit off more than you could chew - first it was QVC 2,  then 3, then HSN, the streaming podcasts.  Now you lay off 2 very good hosts and many of the items you show are expensive, but not half as pricey as the things online.  I see that there is a gourmet show nearly every day now - we sit and laugh at how $$ everything is.  You folks are going way out of my league - I've been shopping with the Q for 30+years but sorry, I'm taking a vacation.  I think you ae forgetting about the majority of your viewers who are average folks with average means. Frankly I used to watch the Q quite a bit, but now I often change channels rather than suffer through some of the nonsense that goes on during some of the programming.  

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I miss the fashions of yore from Bob Mackie, Basso, et. al--- with one or two models like Kate and Coleen wearingf them to see what they look like. 

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Q is failing. Read the article I posted. One of their biggest  problems is they are not bringing in new customers. Gee, surpise. The article points out there is nothing significant that Q offers and customers have many options for shopping. Lots of other reasons as well. Bye Q!

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Re: Enough is Enough

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 QVC's problem is that they've become too generic. They used to have real designers like Louis Del'Olio, George Simonton, Mark Bowuer etc. They got rid of them all in favor of their house brands like Susan Graver( owned by QVC) & Denim & Company. 

Logo isn't a a designer brand in style or quality.I think Rene Greenstein's line is pretty good but she isn't a couture designer. 


 If QVC wants to increase sales they need to revert back to the beginning, when they offered quality merchandise at  reasonable prices.Bring back the designers who knew & respected their audience. They designed beautiful well made garments at reasonable prices. I still own many of those pieces. They haven't shrunk,faded or pilled.


 QVC needs to realize who their  audience is. It's not the young women. It's the mature women. If they want us to shop, we want to see hosts that we can relate to.When they dismiss the ones that are our age, in favor of younger ones,they're saying that they don't value us. 


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@ellaphant @NicksmomESQ @JerseyJ @StylishLady2 


The Seeking Alpha article is spot on! A glimmer of good news is that it said that Q has a loyal customer base. So listen to your customers. 

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QVC used to be a folksy, friendly, reliable place with "boring" clothes.  In other words clothes that most people would find comfortable, wearable, attractive and will made.


Then came the Coach Bags, and the glamour makeup and the high end (well, "expensive") skin care and the stars and oh my now we're Rodeo drive and aspirational.


Most of us aspire to go to the post office during our lunch hour or get the kids to school on time.  


Most of us who watch are just folks and not wanna be's.  Your hosts are off the mark, your vision of QVC is off the mark, and your sales are off the mark.  The people at the top have lost touch with reality and with good business.   And with your customers. 

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An article I read said Q had a huge inventory so maybe they will have to lower prices to get rid of it. The prices have been ridiculous, even considering inflation....$40,50, 60 for tshirts.  

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I don't understand why they need two hosts and a vendor during a presentation. 

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I've been a customer for at least 30 years.   I've seen a real decline in the quality of the merchandise and shows.  The Q in QVC no longer stands for quality.   I'm not a fan of Skyping vendors and recorded shows. Laying off 2 experienced hosts who have been there longer then some of your newbies leads me to believe they were making more money than the new hosts. I used to enjoy the programming formats in the early days.  I also used to watch QVC more than any other show on tv but that is no longer the case. 

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@MoJoV wrote:

An article I read said Q had a huge inventory so maybe they will have to lower prices to get rid of it. The prices have been ridiculous, even considering inflation....$40,50, 60 for tshirts.  


they always say there are "tons' for lack of a better word of products on .com

so why not show them on air, with  short presentations to move out inventory,


they have no problem selling off pallets where we can find same products on air at a fraction of the Q price.


you can't sell what you are not featuring.


makes no sense