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Re: Enough is Enough....IDKWD

I agree.  David and Jane Tracey talk so fast and loud, they give me a headache,so I turn them off!

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Re: Enough is Enough....IDKWD

@Respectlife wrote:

Why wouldn't you expect QVC to increase programming on the lines and hosts that sell the most?


Makes perfect business sense.


Yes, it does.  There's a reason for the way they plan programming.  They know what sells and what doesn't.  Their focus is on having successful hosts and products on-air often enough to reach a large variety of viewers - Those who work 9-5, those who are home during the day, those who get up early, those who stay up late, those who only watch QVC on weekends, etc.  


If David wasn't such a successful host, he would be on less often.  More exposure = Increased sales on what they already know sells.  I agree - Why wouldn't they cash in on a good thing? 

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Re: Enough is Enough....IDKWD

I still watch ITKWD but we make it into more of a joke or drinking game.  I jokingly told DH what I expected to see on Sunday's show - Food, Temptations, Lock N Lock, a cleaning product, Mark Charles.  Shockingly I guessed correctly LOL.  We make bets on the number of Happy Dances.  While I don't usually purchase I still keep it on when there isn't anything else on.


That being said I found the Fri-Yah edition to be a nice change in how the show is presented.  

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Re: Enough is Enough....IDKWD



Some people are just born with the "gift to gab".  These folks can talk about anything for as long as possible;  they are natural sales people.  Others are the exact oppisite;  you're lucky to get one word responses to a question.  My husband is one of those.  If he had to depend on speaking to earn a living we'd starve!