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Is it me?  I do everything that Megan recommends and this thing just doesn't seem to work for me.  I think that I've bought 3 now thinking maybe it was the epilator.  I still end up using a tweezer and within days the hair is back!  I can't stand it?  Any suggestions?  And please be nice.  Thanks.

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I know what you're saying....but I do remember that they say every hair has a different growing cycle....ugh......

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It took me several months of using mine weekly before I got ahead of the growth.  It seems the hair follicles produce at different rates.   I hold my skin taunt and go in small circular motions to get hairs growing in different directions.  I have had mine about 6 years so I don't know how the newer ones work.  My underarms show hardly any sign of ever having hair.  The hair on my legs now is very light.  I do them every 3-4 weeks.   I do my chin and lips weekly as the area is so tender and I go over lightly.  The hair there is very short and no longer dark but you do see it in the sun.  I do not try to remove the lip hairs completely because to me no hair there at all does not look natural.  I do check frequently because I never know when a "dark board bristle" is going to come out of no where.   There are just 3 but I would be embarrassed if they were seen.  They will not "die".   Also my unit has a light on it and that is great as I can see exactly where I am working, no shadows.    I don't ever hear Megan mention a light.  I hope mine lasts forever.  I think I got it from QVC.


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There are a number of us who like this razor.  It's painless, can be used wet or dry, is rechargeable and cheap.  Hold a charge for a long time.  This is from Amazon.  I use it every 2-3 days.   From Amazon. 



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Yes, I still have to use my tweezer, too.  Mainly the corners of my lips.  

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I think it depends somewhat on what area. I bought it for my face and neck, and there are a few hairs on my lower chin and my neck that it never, ever gets. OTOH, when I pay someone to wax the same area, they still need to tweeze oddball hairs. So I've come to the conclusion there are some spots nothing but tweezers will get. 

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   I've had mine for a little over a year.At first I was frustrated but I stuck with it.I'm glad I did.Over time you will get ahead of the growth,as stated by a previous poster.You will find yourself using it less often overall.The hair will grow in sparser.Different areas will grow at various rates.Eventually it will come together.

  I use to shave 2-3 times a week.Now I epilate my legs about every 3 weeks.I do my underarms about every 4 weeks.For me the epilator is liberating.It was definitely worth the initial effort.


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I must be doing something wrong, too, because the pain when I use it on my moustache area is intense! I know this is a delicate area with many nerve endings, but yowza! Waxing is actually less painful IMHO. I can't even imagine trying it on the underarms. Does any poster here use a numbing product that they could recommend? Back in the day I used the coil-type Epilady on my legs with excellent results. I remember the pain diminishing with regular use. I should have kept at it.



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Thank you to all of you for your responses. I guess I'll continue to try the epilator; maybe a little more patience is called for. And if I don't get the results I'm looking for I'll look into @Kachina624's suggestion. Thanks again. 

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My son uses this on his nose and chest and he uses it about every 3 weeks and he has some heavy duty hair.LOL He's been epilating for about 2 years.