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Re: Email From QVC Regarding Returns

@Sooner wrote:

So do you have to take a picture of the return tracking code THAT NEVER WORKS ANYWAY??????  Woman Frustrated


@Sooner - Did you know that QVC has actually fixed its return tracking links here on the website? You can once again go to My Account > Order Status, navigate to the item you returned, and click the "Track Your Return" link to see tracking details for your package. (And if it happens to be one of those fun times when the whole site is having issues, you can also track your package here:

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Re: Email From QVC Regarding Returns

I put the same things together that came in the box.


I saw someone here complain about the new labels the Q sometimes uses.  They are terrible and often can't be used.


I'm supposed to peel off the return label from the front label where it's addressed to me. 


The entire thing has probably only worked a few times, often there's nothing under the address label.


I can't understand why QVC can't (after all of the letters and numbers identifying an item) type in the name of the item.