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I ordered the Calif. Innovations set from the first airing Tuesday night. It was offered with 2 easy pays.  The next day on Kitchen Unlimited (which I had DVR'd and watched last night) and on David's show (also DVR'd), it was offered on 5 pay.  I think all airings of a TSV should be offered on the same # of easy pays.

I called QVC last night and asked for the 5 easy pays and they did give it to me.  Anyone agree with me?


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Obviously QVC agreed with you and that's really all that counts. 





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I always thought the easy pays were linked to the total cost of the item. It may be a nightmare for the Q to make such an offer. I wonder if the TSV was offered on 2 easy pays and then the Q had one of their flash easy pay events. It is good they honored the 5 easy pays for you.