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Re: Does anyone have this?

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@2Kittys wrote:

I've had this since 2007? Isn't he cute?christmas snowman


@2Kittys  Yes, I decorated the outside of our home with the snowman for 3 years...2007-2009. Here's a pic from the holiday season 2008. The following year, 2009, was the last year we decorated outside. We had too many issues with neighborhood kids/vandals (12-16 yrs old) destroying/stealing our decorations.


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Re: Does anyone have this?

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I love formal I love your room.  My dining table and chairs look similar to yours.


Thanks for's beautiful.  And, I love your little snowman, too Cat Happy

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@Susan Louise 


That snowman is so cute.....


What a darn shame people cant even decorate the outside of their home because of vandals and thieves! Woman Sad

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