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Does Anyone Have Quality Control and Shipping Issues ... other than ME?


I am very frustrated with QVC at this point in time. It seems that just about everything I order lately is poorly made, defective or just doesn't perform as represented on air.

I am talking about everything from food items + philosophy and other beauty items + Denim & Co. + Keurig + Lori Greiner + Perricone MD + toys + kitchen items + Valerie P-Hill + accessories + candles + electronics ~ especially computers + ____________ ( fill in the blank ... you name it! ) This is not a case of changing my mind or buyer's remorse either. I wouldn't order the products if I didn't want to keep them or give them as gifts! Unfortunately, I don't always have the opportunity to check each and every item's customer review before I place my order. I'm surprised that QVC still uses the customer 5 star review system. I know the show Hosts put their reputations on the line when they sell these items and I almost feel sorry for them. I really think QVC has changed in the past 3 - 4 years. I don't know if the economy is to blame or if the problem is that everything we buy is manufactured in other countries, OR if QVC just doesn't care anymore ... I wonder if their priority is quantity over quality? I AM WILLING TO PAY A FEW MORE $$$ FOR QUALITY PRODUCTS!

Since I live in a rural area of the country, in a town with only 10,000 residents, without access to major shopping retailers, I have been shopping with QVC since day 1. Thank goodness for the Internet - I do most of my shopping online with a few National retailers and Amazon, and I never seem to have the amount of problems with them as I do with QVC. ( I have never shopped with HSN ... but from what I have seen on TV ... they don't seem to be much better. ) If I do go shopping at retail, I have to drive 125 miles each way to the closest town with a Mall and spend an entire day on the trip. I know it's my choice to live where I do, but sometimes we need more than Wal-mart offers ... don't judge. :-)

PLEASE, don't get me wrong ... I used to Love QVC! I am grateful for the " 30 Day - No Questions Asked Return Policy " ... Now it's just more of a hassle than it's worth, especially when I have to pay return shipping charges and add the time it takes to go to the Post Office or UPS.


Most items I have ordered in the past 18 - 24 months have either arrived:

- with the box crushed or semi crushed ( Because QVC did not use the proper size box - with no packing material included / or the vendors just direct ship their product. )

- the box is still only partially taped at the seams

- the box has come open during shipment and was resealed by the carrier

- the packing slip missing

- the packing slip of another customer is in my order

- the wrong item has been shipped to me

- or I try to use the automated ordering system, only to be advised that the item can not be shipped to a PO Box ( I can understand food items and some liquid products - but - shoes can't be sent through the US Postal Service - REALLY??? )

- I order more than 1 of the same item ( usually small items ) and they are shipped in separate packages ( I guess to make us pay more shipping fees if we return them with the pre-printed labels. )

I just don't know if I can continue shopping with the Q ... and that makes me sad, too.

I have said what I wanted to - for what it's worth.

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Re: Does Anyone Have Quality Control and Shipping Issues ... other than ME?

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The last two food itrems were not edible:  1.  The shrimp was delivered hot - no dried ice; when I opened the styrofoam container it was like an oven.  Threw it out.  2.  The bagel package was left by the garage in heavy rain (I never received notification that the item had shipped so didn't expect the delivery.  The animals tore the package apart and it took an hour to clean up the mess.  What was left in the packsge was thown out.  3.  Prior to these two incidents, the Southwestern style Chicken pieces were delivered so hot that when I opened the styrofoam box the smell was unbearable and the vacuum packaging unsealed with all the chicken liquid in a puddle in the box. - what a mess.    Quality control is sadly lacking in the food deliveries.  Last year, the Rastelli hamburgers, athough delivered frozen, had a peculiar taste.  After trying two bites (spit out the second bite because the taste was so disgusting), I threw away the entire package. However, the two bites wreaked havoc with my bofy and I was ill for days.  The doctor said it was most likely food poisoning or ecoli that caused my distress.  I did receive a refund on one other food item that was never delivered; and a replacement for another item that was never delivered. However, I never received a refund for Squirrel Brand nuts that were never delivered.   So far, I am out about $250.00. (I was so disgusted that I didn't even bother to contact customer service about the shrimp and the bagels).   I have since cancelled all advanced orders and auto-delivery orders. Because of all the problems with the food deliveries I will no longer order any food prodicts from QVC. In fact, I also deleted all my saved items.  QVC is good for clothing and cosmetic items; it is not a good venue for purchasing food items.  It's not worth the hassle or getting illfrom inferior products.  My shopping days with QVC are on a hiatus and I'm not sure I will be buying anything for a while.  A loss for QVC as I was a loyal, long-time customer.  Sorry, but it is what it is!!!

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Re: Does Anyone Have Quality Control and Shipping Issues ... other than ME?

Gabby008 it is unfortunate that you don't have a local seafood or butcher shop you can do business with instead of taking a chance that your food purchases are not sitting in the back of a UPS or mail truck for a couple of weeks waiting for it to be delivered