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Re: Do you watch less QVC than you used to and why?

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Seldom watch, way too much else going on. The prices are ridiculous, lack of quality, and I'm tired, so tired, of receiving used items, (BFD), not sold "as-is". The hyped up hosts, are too much. They scream desperation. I pity the vendors, some even look embarrassed. Management not getting a grasp on cleaning up the messes, shows just what type of company it's become. I watched a few moments last evening, just in time for SK to declare she's wear those pj's "everywhere", the size small, I might add, but when she announced she'd wear the pj's to Bonefish Grill, with a denim jacket and heels, I thought, yep, it's completely off the rails, and no one, is getting the runaway train back on the tracks. Bottom line, there's absolutely nothing I need from that company.




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Re: Do you watch less QVC than you used to and why?

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@Krimpette wrote:

@Foxxee  Just curious:  What are the "unethical practices"?



Not telling us something was not in stock before we ordered it.  It was after we clicked the submit button we'd find out our order was back ordered, an advance order, or waitlisted.  This practice is very disturbing.  It was only a few months before Christmas we were notified QVC was having supply chain issues and worker shortages...we would be notified if a product was not in stock.  However, there have been a few complaints lately they are seeing items go into backorder, advance order, and waitlist again without being told before the order was placed.


Raising prices on some items on free shipping days.  It isn't free shipping if the price of the item is increased.


Encouraging and implying anything can be returned within 30 days only to find out later there is a limit on how much can be returned.  Of course, we know all retailers aren't going to put up with a lot of returns from one person, but QVC gives the impression on-air, it's OK.


Selling items that have a lot of negative reviews as being the best thing since sliced bread.  There have been some items so bad, all negative reviews, they should have been removed from the website and on-air.  There are Denim & Co pants that are sold as the most popular pants in the line.  Sold over a million.  Last time I looked almost 50% of the reviews were negative.  Number of items sold isn't the number that were kept by the customer.  How many of those sold were returned?  


Customer Service treating customers differently.  Agents have been given the discretion to replacing damaged or defective items without the customer returning it, giving a partial refund, or it must be returned to receive a refund.


Over the top promotion a fabric is expensive to make.  Compared to what?  Silk?  Modal comes to mind.  If it was that expensive to make, it would be priced the same as silk.  


Saying some clothing could be found on Bergdorf's fifth floor or Neiman Marcus' third floor for much higher prices.  That just is not true.  There is no comparison to the quality sold on those floors.  I have been on both quite a few times.  I shop at Neiman Marcus.  Who is QVC fooling?


Selling products at high prices that can be found elsewhere for much lower prices.  I found some of the same decor at Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and Michaels, at much lower prices.  


Ignoring customer complaints and suggestions.


QVC presents an on-air image of friendly, over the fence, come on in, sit down, can I get you a drink company, when in fact that is not the case.  It is a TV production designed to make customers feel at home and buy.  What you see is not what you get when you look behind the sets.


There are more, but this should give you an idea.  These practices are not illegal and QVC can do what it wants.  I just think they are unethical and deceptive.  


My list doesn't mean I haven't received some very nice reasonably priced things from QVC.  The buyer just has to be aware.  


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Re: Do you watch less QVC than you used to and why?

I almost never watch anymore.  There are very few hosts I'm willing to watch and when one of them is presenting, the product is often something I don't care about.  I used to have it on in the background while cleaning, going through email, basically all the tedious tasks that don't seem quite so bad with a little distraction.  


Now there are many more options for background watching with streaming services.  I'm at the point where even if there is a host and product I want to see, I will often forget to even turn it on.  

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Re: Do you watch less QVC than you used to and why?

I don't watch or purchase as much as in the past. My reasons: 1) they dedicate to much time per product ~ I'd prefer more products per show. 2) the styles are mostly redundant ~ lots of tees & pull on pants. I'd like to see more variety. 3) some of the shows are like a talk show that I don't prefer to watch.


Upside:  have recently seen the Szish List & a host named (I think) Vanessa and I do enjoy those very much. The Szish List is more about fashion and trends. Vanessa's personality appeals to me. She seems confident, controlled & prepared. 

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Re: Do you watch less QVC than you used to and why?

QVC used to be so much more enjoyable. Today, the "hosts" sound like they're on a quota, hard selling, and the shenanigans are out of control. Once upon a time, it was relatable, had unique items, took customer calls, and competitive pricing, and on 24/7.  I'm so sad to see the denigration of QVC. Does anyone remember when QVC used to have crafting, scrapbooking, home decorating ideas, recipes, tons of different was geared towards homemaker's and women. I can barely stand it now. 

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Re: Do you watch less QVC than you used to and why?

I quit watching in 2000 I think. I watched everyday since 1988.  It just got too chatty and more about hosts and the vendors, than products. There was one chatterbox vendor who talked so much I couldn't bare  it.  I turned channels for first time in years.  Every time I turned channel back on there she was chattering, hyper.   It just got so more and more and more I didn't watch, then I just didn't watch tv, or turned channels.  I realized I hadn't watched law in order before, so I started there, and never missed QVC. When I turned back every once in a while, there were new hosts.  Steve was gone, Kathy was gone and a host of other great hosts.  I do go QVC online now if I shop.  But I swear, I haven't tuned in to QVC in years. When I go online I can read descriptions, look at photos.  The hosts take 20 mins on an item, and don't even measure or show inside of handbag many times.  At least it was that way a while ago. Their products have changed.  Nothing new or different...even online.  I buy Judith Ripken and my sketchers, that's about it.  

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Re: Do you watch less QVC than you used to and why?

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I very rarely watch QVC live anymore.  There are a number of reasons for that though.


I work all day.

I have young kids with different schedules.

I'm not interested in many of their shows.

Their very long TSV presentations are too often, too lengthy, and too boring.

I'd rather spend my tv watching time (if I have any on a particular day) watching the news or an actual tv show.


That being said, I do record shows that interest me and forward through them.  There are times when I stop to watch the presentation, but I do find myself skipping over most items.  Most of the purchases I make are because I find the items online and watch the presentations that way.

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Re: Do you watch less QVC than you used to and why?

I sure hope someone in power is reading these reponses.  I forgot to say the inconsistent sizing is causing so many returns.  If the hosts could say the size runs small, big, not for people with large hips, etc. it would help with the returns.  Also takes forever to get anything and forever to get credited for returns.   Things should be cheaper than stores because they don't have to pay for stores and they sell in bulk.  However, 30+ dollars for a T shirt plus S & H is ridiculous.  Sad to see a place fall so far from what it was.  

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Re: Do you watch less QVC than you used to and why?

I definitely watch less due to the hosts.  The host that talk non stop or too fast don't interest me.  They talk over the vendors and over other hosts they are presenting with. It's very annoying to me. I just want to watch someone describe the product in a knowledgeable and calm way. You can still have fun with the audience without overshadowing everyone  else.


Hope someone reads this that can do something about it. 

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Re: Do you watch less QVC than you used to and why?

@chiclet, thank you. You typed my thoughts exactly.

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