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I'm sure they do from time to time...maybe search their names and find out what people say.


I remember a D&Co. show where Carolyn and Gary were joking about someone (younger) saying they were lame for still using "hashtag xyz" and so on...


And Jane T. and Courtney joked about something said and that they were going to hear about it from the people on social media.


Sometimes when I see posts going on and on about how wonderful a host is, I always assume that their friends and family are coming on here and posting these raving comments. I do compliment hosts (and models) sometimes, but some of those posts are a little over the top!

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Yes I do think they read our posts.  One of the reasons why, I think, the moderators remove most of them.  

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It could be a good source for the hosts if the moderators wouldn't delete everything.  If I were a host and didn't realize that saying "they're going quick" was grammatically incorrect, I would rather read the suggestion, learn from it, and correct the way I said it instead of having a lot of people think I didn't pay attention in third grade. 

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I wish they would read the "Suggestions for Hosts" thread in the "Suggestion Box" forum!  Smiley Wink

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Re: Do you suppose......

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I would think that if they do read them that they would have a few good laughs to joke about!  Who really cares about what a few negative posters here think!!?  Those that post here are just a very small minority of everyone that buys here and those that criticize hosts are an even smaller minority!

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Your post about overhearing coworkers discussing you brought back a very clear memory of when I was working for a large corporation.  I was using a conference room to put the finishing touches on a report as my promotion to a rare mid-level management position for a woman was to be announced.


Both the door to my conference room and the next one were open.  Next door were a bunch of guys that I knew as well as my DH had worked with when he was with the company.  I overheard  their comments as to why I was being promoted...." sleeping way up to the top ".


I was angry but under control.  I stood in their doorway and said thank you for letting me hear the reason I was promoted.  My DH, whom you all know, will be happy to learn your comments.  By the way, the reason I received the promotion is because of my initiative and consistent outstanding performance.

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I have wondered often if the hosts read these boards.


When I worked in the corporate world, years ago, we had performance reviews.  Always annually but other times in between, especially if there was a complaint or maybe something great.  I remember several which the criticism hurt me.  I know now that my supervisor or maybe above them saw potential and wanted me to meet that.  I went back to work much later in life as sort of a second career, got myself back to college to update my computer skills and became very valuable to my organization.  


I want to think that the hosts are also reviewed and the criteria going into a review is watched on tape by several highly trained experts in different areas.  I am not so sure due to so much silliness.  Variety makes things interesting and maybe it is not in the interest of the higher ups to care.   Makes me think it is all about the money, sales.  🤷🏻‍♀️

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@sherrikay   even if they did read them, how would they decide which opinion to follow?   I cannot think of any where the boards were even close to unanimous.

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I think that recently since the J Wu TSV launch show where some voiced complaints that  various  garment dimensions  and what size the models were wearing was not mentioned  that another Host  SK who presented  J Wu clothes  did specifically mention garment dimensions and models cited their  size and height. So I think she  had  some knowlwdge abt people's complaints on the J Wu TSV launch.

I do need to say the Host that launched the  jWu TSV did mention garemnt legnth  for reg and petite.

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@sherrikay ............I have heard 2 vendors say how mean and hateful some of the posters are.  That has been a long time ago.


  So IMO at some point they hosts & vendors are aware of these forums and may have read some.  Im sure they were upset by some of the vile and ugly comments.  More than likely they never come back.  I wouldnt, why would anyone want all the negatives here in their life?

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