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David should check his calendar . The first night of Hanukkah is Dec 7 .
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Re: Disappointed in David

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@Traceyz ... David probably asked someone at QVC and they gave him the wrong date. Not his fault !! I'm sure he'd be embarrassed that someone gave him the wrong date! He's a good guy.


Edited to add: It's not on every calendar... 

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Give the guy a break!   97% of the world doesn't know the changes every year.

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I happened to catch that part of his program last night.  He did correct himself saying  something like...why did you tell me the wrong date?...clearly bothered by the wrong information given in his ear by a producer.  Mistakes happen! 

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It seems to me, that a thirty-year show host should have looked up the date himself, in order to fully prepare for his show. Blaming someone else is unprofessional. 

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Mistakes happen.

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I totally agree that blaming supporting staff publicly was the worst offense.

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mistakes happen. Get over it. 

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I'm glad he called out whomever told him wrong.  

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I noticed it was on my i-pad yesterday.  Not being of the Jewish faith, I would not have known the date, except for it appearing on my i-pad. The date does change from year to year, so that makes it hard to track, unless you are following the Jewish faith.  Think of the Christian calendar.  Easter is on a different date every year.  That is confusing to me; I am a member of the Christian faith, but i have always wished that Easter had a set date.