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We can no longer call QVC's office of the president?  When did this change?  I called a few years ago when a large order was completly messed up and got great help.


Now I have another order problem and asked for a supervisor, was supposed to get a call but didn't.  Called the next day and did speak to a supervisor who told me that "emailing customer care" is not supposed to help customers with order problems after several customers told me here on the boards that's how they got help.


My question was why do I have to email custoner care when I returned as per Q instructions?


I am grateful to know now that if you return with a Q label and call CS that they will give your card credit back for that purchase.  This is a great service, thank you for that!

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@Jackhound Mom 

I am so sorry that you are experiencing issues with your orders. If you need anything taken care of; whether that is with returns, shipping, delivery etc the Mods here are more than happy to assist you.

And no, you should never have to contact us but mass processes do go awry so we are happy to help.

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@Jackhound Mom  .. .send an email to  They seem to be the only ones who can help.