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Of course they are a shopping channel and the "hosts" are professional sales people but as we know from these boards we have hosts we enjoy watching and others an immediate channel changer. Same goes for vendors. I personally prefer professional, lower key hosts that know their products and give me the information I need. Manic and super hyper presenters and vendors are an immediate turn off. and turnoffs equate to lost sales. 


We keep saying it's a shopping channel and they are there to sell, then I say sell and stop the stories, ditch the pj's, silliness and sell. Leave the modeling to the models. I'm an adult and reguardless of the pitch can chose to buy or not. 

@mspatmac  Well said. I admit that I'm a buyer, but not much at all from QVC. Over time, due to poor hosting (mostly,) I've changed the channel so often that I rarely watch anymore. I "find" some things of Q's that people have posted here on the forums and not from their TV presentations. The 'testimonial callers' was another channel changer for me. I wish they would re-think some of their hosts. 

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Tis the season and lots of competition out there....


But that's just the usual presentation style of some of the hosts ..... personally its a turn off to me....  I prefer the calmer hosts that give product info rather than screaming the usual sales spiels and gimmicks....oh, and dont forget the endless reminder of colors.... 

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@maximillian: I don't know how often you watch shopping channels but, there's "nothing to see here", as the saying goes. Suggesting people buy two, buy generally what happens, especially before the holiday season. 

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The hosts are ranting and mumbling and screaming at us:  I hear DESPERATION in their voices.  Buy two!  Buy now!  The only order of the season!  Buy these for your gift closet!  Buy these because you can't leave your house!  Buy!  Buy!  Just BUY!!!!  Is there another rumor of mass firings?? What is going on?  


I haven't seen ranting, mumbling, or screaming, nor, do I hear desperation.   

If I did see these things, I suspect I wouldn't much care to watch, so, I'd just check on line.


They're salespeople.  It's their job to sell.  

Hosts seem more relaxed the past few months after the last round on firings. While I may not like the presentation style of a lot of the newer hosts, they seem overall more professional than they have been the last decade or so. They seem to have reigned in a few of the more questionable hosts as well. While he doesn't scream exactly, Rick Domeier does not present with a normal "inside voice".

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Only order of the season is just the replacement for "when it's gone, it's gone". That saying used to drive me crazy it was said so often. LOL that, along with the problems with sizing for clothes and shippiing costs, made me stop watching.  I still do more shopping direct on the website than I do actually watching their programming especially during the holiday shopping season.  


I used to find things that I'd buy people for gifts at QVC, now they are not my retailer of choice. I shop less than I did for the holidays because we've cut way back on gift giving AND because I shop places that have better prices and shipping discounts.