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Any explanation of the different info and what was on screen in the show with Pat and Gary ? Was it just on Roku ? The D&Co fashions showed but the info to the left was about household programs . In Susan Graves terminology it was ' koo koo crazy ' Smiley Happy I did not see any explanation .

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Re: Denim & Co. Mixup telecast

Yep, I noticed that too, the graphics/description did not match the item on air, thought it was my TV,  I changed the channel to watch something else.

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Re: Denim & Co. Mixup telecast

I changed the channel it was driving my crazier than I already am.

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Re: Denim & Co. Mixup telecast

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Where was the show Producer, couldnt she/he have relayed to the host to tell the audience there were technical issues????? Sometimes I think the show Producers take a nap or go to the Green Room to get something to snack on while the shows are going on....SMH!

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